Sunday, January 23

1 And 2 Carat Loose Diamond Buying Guide

While purchasing loose diamonds online one must take a few precautions to ensure a safe deal. Those who know how to select the correct diamond can opt for online purchase with no risk. People prefer to buy diamonds from online outlets because the online diamond merchants offer them at a considerably cheaper price due to their lesser overheads. One can save up to 35% of the cost of diamond if purchased online. The buyer should have clear knowledge about the lowest as well as highest price ranges of diamonds. From the price range itself those who want to buy can understand whether the price is of good quality 1 carat loose diamonds. In this category, smaller the stones, greater will be the quality of the stones. One should be extremely careful while selecting stones of larger size. While purchasing the diamond, the buyer must be familiar with the “four Cs” of diamond quality. In case the price range corresponds to lower quality 2 carat loose diamonds the stones will be having flaws. Faint yellow tinge or the “cut “will be of lower grade. A lower grade cut will always affect the brilliance of the diamond stone.

1 carat loose diamonds of bigger size and amazing quality will be available at a higher price range. However, the quality will be much inferior if the diamond is in the 1.5 – 1.75 carat range. The best quality 2 carat loose diamonds are available at prices above $10000. But 2.2 – 3.0 carat range stones will have faint yellow colour or lower grade “cut”. In the case of diamond engagement rings, the price will be according to the “round brilliant” shape of the ring.The price will vary with the shape of the diamond.For example, the “round brilliant” cut diamond will cost more than the “emerald cut” diamond.Those who want to buy a particular type of diamond must find out the price range for that type. If the buyer has a fixed budget, it is advisable to find out the types of diamond available in that range of price.

The buyer should ensure that the diamonds purchased by him are certified by an approved laboratory. The certificate will be in the form of a grading report issued by a recognized lab like AGS, HRD and GIA. The best price for diamond can be obtained by comparative shopping. The buyer should compare the prices of two or three shops and should choose the best price. In online shopping, one can take as much time as he requires.

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