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1. How to Write Market Research Report?

The rules which govern the report writing process are same for different types of report writing, be it proposal, a dissertation, thesis or a business research report. This rule is also applicable for each and every type of market research report. Market research surveys have been done on different field and their objectives are different. The common fields are: Customer loyalty survey, survey on customer satisfaction, employee option survey, survey on health care etc. The ground rule for writing the market research reports are same for irrespective of those fields. The report should include and define the specific goal for the survey, the requirement of the research, what are the targets to achieve and what jobs need to be done in order to achieve that objective. The budget availability, proposed audience should also be highlighted along with the data source. The source of survey always should be mentioned in the market research reports in order to provide validity in the report.

There should not be too much space allocated for the description of past researches and history. Relevant history or background of the study should be ended with in three to four sentences. It is expected that report should be started with the short, specific and concrete introduction. The aim of the report is to make the client understand what is written in a report. For that matter one needs to focus on proper conclusion of the report. Along with the conclusion the limitations of the study also should be highlighted so that reader will be able to identify the further scope for the research. Style of writing is very important and ideally double spacing should be used and the report should be typed. Font size will be 10-12 points along with margin of 1 inch on all the sides. The total professional look will make the report lucrative in the eyes of clients.

6-part plan for writing market research report have been identified as one the best way of writing market research report, which includes:

Part 1: Mission and Purpose of the research

Part 2: Technique of Situational Analysis

– Market Analysis and product identification

– Analysis of distribution

– Analysis of competitor

– Budget, Investment and Cost Analysis

– Other Analysis related to the topic

Part 3: Objectives and strategy

– Marketing objective

– Marketing strategy

Part 4: Tactical Programs

– Markets

– Product

– Pricing

– Promotion

– Place/Distribution

– Other strategies

Part 5: Analysis of budget, performance and lastly Implementation

– Analysis and budgeting for the research

– Proper implementation in order to achieve objective

Part 6: Other Considerations

Part 7: Citations and References/ Bibliography

There are various styles of referencing like, Harvard, APA Chicago etc. Generally one can follow the Harvard or APA style of referencing for the professional market research report. The references lists will be done on maintain the alphabetic order of the last name first, then the date of publication in parenthesis. In between two references there should be double space and a separate page should be used for the referencing.

Last but the major part is presentation. It is always difficult to satisfy the client without proper presentation of the report. Like other research reports market research reports should also be presented in professional way. There are no place for mistakes in terms of spelling, grammars, punctuation, format, usage of word, and lastly syntax. All these small issues should be taken into consideration before the final presentation to the client. Generally abbreviations should not be used. However for the long name of the product, method, mathematical/statistical technique, name of organization it can be used. The main aim of the market research report is to achieve specific objective required by the client. Along with the main analysis the other small issues should also be taken care of in order to make the report effective.

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