4 Super Cheap Ways to Look Like a Princess with your New Burgundy Prom Gown

Growing up with classic tales, who did not want to look and feel like a Disney princess for just one day? Your lifelong wish can come true if you flaunt a brand new satin dress featuring a mermaid tail on your upcoming cotillion. Yes, looking as graceful as Ariel has become this easy.

As you have been dreaming for the prom day since your childhood, you deserve to show off an unusual yet gorgeous princess dress on this big day. And, when your dress is on point, you are bound to become the showstopper of the party. Moreover, the prom dress will be a lifetime treasure which you can put on any special day of your life.

So, how do you stylize to look just divine on your prom day? Is mermaid dress the best pick according to your curvy figure? Or, what type of jewelry you should you wear? All your queries end right here.

Go with Unusual Necklines

The designers have taken their creativity to the next level since there is an endless option for the fashionable necklines. V-neck cocktail dresses on burgundy are very popular among young women for showing off the chains properly. In case, you want to try something sensational, you can go strapless or full-backless to grab attention at the party. And, for the classic sequin dress with side slit, you may stick to the regular boat neck or semi-sheer neckline.

Select the Shoe Color Responsibly

A pair of shoes can create the ‘do or die’ situation for an outfit and finding the right shoes for the burgundy prom dresses can be a daunting task. Black stilettos are always a safe choice but for a change, you can try out rose gold sandals exuding a metallic hue. Again, a pair of white ankle boots can be your own trademark at the event. However, you can keep the shoe affair to minimal by opting for elegant beige heels or boots.

Experiment with Jewelry

Your attire will look more glamorous if you wear a long neckpiece or a pair of earrings. It is better to go with simple long chains and studs for carrying a delicate look. However, to make a bold statement, add a pair of chandelier earrings along with a stunning headpiece. You can also experiment with a pair of faux emerald earrings and a tiara for showing off the perfect princess mode. Also, a thin oxidized floral belt around the waistline of your burgundy dress will look decent.

Mermaid Dresses for Every Body Type

Trumpet dresses do not exactly exhibit the fit and flare style; on the other hand, mermaid dresses attract people’s attention more on the skirt. The mermaid gowns enhance the beauty of your curves fitting perfectly for the hour-glass figures. However, the long fishtail style is now designed or all body shapes; no matter whether you maintain a zero figure.

If you are 5’1” and want to sport a mermaid bridesmaid gown, you can easily find one in which the cut starts above your knees. Also, make sure there is a big flare which can add some height. In this way, you can move freely or dance around without tripping over.

So, choose from the wide online collection of mermaid bridesmaid dresses carefully and accessorize wisely to dance through the night in a comfortable way.

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