How to get a healthy tan for your skin?

How to sunbathe to get a nice tan? To do this, follow a few suggestions:

The effect of ultraviolet radiation on the skin is assumed to be a shock condition, so you need to prepare properly. Shortly before sea voyage the skin is inspected by a solarium forming the skin. This is enough 2 sessions for 5 minutes per minute, which can get a tan paint a glow of gold on the skin and protect it from the aggressive effects of sunlight.

Sunscreen is used during tanning in the first days. Most sensitive places: nose, shoulders and chest. They need to be lubricated every half hour while it is sunny.

When you relax in heated countries (Africa, Italy, Spain) you can see sunshine under burning rays for more than a few minutes. Under the open beam the exposure time should be gradually increased. Then a real beautiful tan will appear on the body. No more than an hour of sunshine is recommended.

11 to 16 hours is a time when it is not advisable to stay in the sun. Safe Tan is only available until 11pm.

Before bathing in the sea, the skin should also be lubricated with sunscreen, as the sun does not enter under water rates A swimmer cannot feel protected from ultraviolet radiation.

Hair must be protected using special sprays and oils. To do this, constantly wear a hat.

If a person has a lot of sweat, you should often lubricate the skin with cream, so as not to diminish its effectiveness.

A beautiful tanned body can be found regularly by walking under the sun and not settling on the deck chair. You can play badminton, volleyball and other games. In this case, sunshine will not burn.

You will need to drink plenty of fluids to prevent the skin from drying out. Sometimes, dehydration can result in poor health.

How to keep the sun in the sun?

To get an even better tan, you’ll need to follow the general recommendations:

Sunscreens should be used by owners of even darker skin. In the first days, they could use products with protection 8 or 12 and then go to 4.  It is not advisable to completely discontinue these products even after the skin is fully adapted.

In the first week of being under the sun, people with mild skin have to gradually move to the lower index with maximum protection (20 or 30) and help your skin to protect. Before this check this steps how to create color tan paint for your skin. 

It is necessary to apply a special tool at home 20 minutes before departure. The skin absorbs sun filters. It is believed that sunburn can only be found on the beach but it can appear on the skin and on the way to the sea.

  • These parts of the body, such as the forehead, chest, knee, nose, have to be constantly lubricated, since they are prone to burning.
  • The product used for tanning must have waterproof properties.
  • After bathing, the cream will need to be applied repeatedly, thereby restoring its protective shell.
  • By noon, the sun becomes active, so you need to be in the shade for 11 to 16 hours.
  • After tanning you should take a shower using a neutral non-alkaline shower product. After this, lubricate the body with milk after tanning. These products contain vitamins E and B5 which are much needed on the skin.
  • Children under the age of 2 should not be exposed to the c. They are best in the shade to avoid negative consequences.

By following simple tips, you can get a nice tanned body while not damaging your body.

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