8 Foods that Taste Awesome and Twin Perfectly Superbly

Since the dawn of humanity, everything is getting complex. Ever since we have introduced extensive complexity in all aspects of our lives including our food. If you look into it, you’ll find that our food is diversifying at an unprecedented rate with myriad genres of food spanning across numerous cultures and nations.

 Interestingly, there are many kinds of foods that are surprisingly delicious when blended with something sufficiently contrasting. Some mismatches happen for the greater good one can say. Look at bacon and eggs for instance. 

If you feel that a perfect combo doesn’t exist, you’re definitely in for a surprise. Here are some tempting food duos which are hard to resist.

Peanut butter and chocolate/Peanut butter and jelly:

This amazing combination of peanut butter condiment with chocolate is no new wisdom for you. You must have certainly cherished the pleasure of this mouth-watering duo. 

Both of these share a high-fat content and are high in calories. And the sweetness of chocolate surprisingly complements the saltiness of peanut butter. 

You can savour this duo with bread or club it with a croissant for a richer experience.  

Then come peanut butter and jelly, again, a very well-known duo which needs no introduction.

We all have laid our hands on a sandwich enriched with this amazing couple. They used to bank a prime spot in our picnic baskets. Not to mention that they are also a healthy snack option. It’s advisable to prefer these over other deep-fried snacks to be gentle on your health. 

Macaroni and Cheese:

It is again, a legendary duo which had taken the world by storm. This combo was so successful that today you have an array of companies mass-producing this recipe with slight room for experimentation. 

It is simply a combination of macaroni, which is a dry pasta, with cheese, which is the best edible ever invented. Its appearance itself is so tempting, with melting cheese, lusciously smothered over pasta. It is one of the best food duos of all time. 

Pineapple and Ham:

At first it may sound a bit unsettling. How on earth can a sweet fruit like pineapple blend with a piece of meat? 

It may be intriguing to think of how someone could conceive such a recipe. But they did and you will certainly be grateful for that when you taste this duo if you haven’t already. 

This combo is usually placed on a pizza and further loaded with some cheese. The taste might be credited to the combination of the sweetness of pineapple with the saltiness of ham or cheese or anything else on the pizza.

Chicken and Waffles:

At first glance, they may seem completely unpalatable as a couple, but if you are an American, you know otherwise. As weird as this combo may sound, it does manage to tingle your taste buds in just the way a thoughtfully crafted delicacy should. 

If you don’t know how to go forth with this bizarre idea, let me help. You just get some ready-to-eat chicken leg pieces and have them along with some crisp, fresh and butter-laden waffles.

The butter here is as important as the waffle. 

Vanilla ice cream and Caramel:

This is a relatively palatable idea in comparison with the other recipes on this list. Vanilla is the flavor that is meant to be accompanied by something or the other. It’s like yin which needs the yang. 

The sight itself, of vanilla scoops garnished with a savoury of caramel, is so appetizing. The sharp taste of vanilla can be nicely complemented with the sweet tasted and smooth textured caramel. Together, these two marvelously combine into a rich tasteful experience.

Chocolate and pretzels:

These are an interesting couple harbouring a variety of tastes just based on a simple idea. Combine the two things Americans love a lot. There are so many types of chocolates out there to garnish pretzels of different tastes. 

Some even go for chocolate dips with pretzels. The taste and texture of soft pretzels perfectly goes along with chocolate. You can buy soft pretzels, twist pretzels, mini pretzels & pretzel sticks and try any of these with chocolate to make the taste best.

Spaghetti and meatballs:

Again a mainstream dish, this recipe is very well received by those who have tasted. In fact, it’s a healthy dish if cooked with due considerations and is a staple meal for millions. The Bolognese sauce also jams nicely with pasta which in itself another great combo by itself. 

Bacon and eggs:

Mostly preferred as breakfast, this is another recipe widespread recipe preferred by millions in the United States alone. It’s a high-fat diet along with high protein content. It will pretty generously suffice your calorie requirements. It is just as filling as it is tasteful.

These were some great foods which perfectly go along as a couple. 

 The benefit of regularly consuming such foods is that provided they are health-friendly, they pack a greater variety of nutrients in a single dish. You can always try to make your own combos through experimentation. Hope it was an appetizing read.

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