Identifying the Most Convenient Sources of Firewood Near You

You must be making all possible arrangements for the winter season because it is already chilling cold freezing our nights. The best time-pass in the winter season is sitting around a bonfire and enjoying some drinks with your loved ones. For experiencing this present moment, first, you need to arrange an adequate stock of firewood. While searching for firewood, we take care of various factors including:- 

  • It must be hard 
  • Well-seasoned 
  • Affordable 
  • Less smoke 
  • Releases aromatic flavors while using for cooking 

 Most of the time, the stock you purchase cannot meet all the expectations. Price always remains a big factor that increases every year because of the scarcity of the wood. Actually, it is not as tough as we consider to arrange good quality firewood at affordable prices. Try to approach all alternative sources of firewood near you rather than depending on a local merchant. Before going further, check the list of trees that are suitable to utilize as firewood. 

  • Ash 
  • Birch 
  • Oka
  • Redgum 
  • Ironbark 
  • Bluegum 
  • Apple 
  • Walnut 
  • Maple 
  • Larch 
  • Spruce 

Apart from this list, you can also try some species of pine such as ponderosa and lodgepole. All pine trees are not suitable for firewood purposes because they release a huge amount of smoke. However, consider them the best material for kindling because of the abundance of sap which is highly inflammable. 

The most convenient and affordable sources for firewood 

  • Your own land property 

As an owner of land property, arranging firewood is very convenient and affordable. There is no need to buy firewood near you if trees are growing in your own property abundantly. Identify a tree that you can utilize for multiple purposes including burning and furniture manufacturing. Use the trunk part for obtaining solid slippers to manufacture furniture for home and branches as firewood. Get a chainsaw on rent to cut down the trees or hire a professional arborist who can split the entire tree in order to utilize optimally. 

  • Sawmills and arborists 

Sawmills are the most convenient firewood suppliers near you because they use hardwood for furniture manufacturing which is already seasoned. One can easily find numerous sawmill operators in the local market. The remaining parts after obtaining plain slippers are waste material for them but ideal firewood for you. Firewood available there will be of high quality as well as much cheaper than a merchant. 

Another similar option is an arborist agency. Fire3wood is abundantly available in their warehouses in the season of pruning. Too much waste material of trees becomes hectic to them but not for you. Ask them about the tree species currently available and check their burning efficiency online. Choose the best one and get it at a very cheap price. 

What to do with unseasoned firewood?

If it is cheap, you have to compromise with some quality factors too. When you buy firewood in Sydney from such kind of sources, consider the seasoning factor in priority. Most of the woods you buy contain high moisture levels. Therefore, it is advisable to start your arrangements around 2 months earlier. After buying, splitting them is a perfect size must be your first duty. Make sure that the length is between 14 to 18 inches. Similarly, the thickness must remain between 3 to 6 inches maximum in order to season them properly. After splitting the entire stock into these dimensions, expose it under the direct sunlight. Make sure that the heat of the sun is reaching every single log properly and the surface of your storage must be free from moisture. In this way, the seasoning process will take approximately 1-5 to 2 months. 

If you don’t have enough time for this process, prefer kiln-seasoned firewood from an authorized store. Also, you can go with the option of eco-firewood that comprises properties equivalent to hardwood. It is environment-friendly and easily available at online stores.

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