3 Signs That Your Hot Water Heater is About to Fail & You Need to Hire Repair

Oh, the inconvenience caused by a sudden water heater failure – there’s nothing as annoying as that! Imagine getting up early, hitting the gym below your building, rushing back home to hit a quick refreshing shower, only to find out that you’re going to freeze in the chill water because the water heater is broken. That’s going to put a significant dent in your mood and daily schedule. Here’s when you frantically call up various agencies for hot water repairs in Gold Coast. 

You could have avoided this entire situation, saved so much of time, and even have maintained your hot water services with the help of timely help from hot water repairs in Gold Coast. Let’s explore how one can find out their water heater is about to fail, even before it actually does. It pays to know when it is about to fail. Watch out for these signs as a tell, so you can intervene at the right moment. In some other cases, getting these repairs done could stop a catastrophe and save the inconvenience caused. Here are the few signs to watch out for. 

1. The age of your water heater

If you are living in a rented space or a space that you recently bought, and haven’t yet changed up the water heater – make sure that you know the age of your water heater, at the very least. You can easily find the age of the water heater by looking t the manufacturer’s instruction manual or even by looking at the serial number of the product on the manufacturer’s sticker. Generally speaking, a water heater has a lifespan of ten years. If your water heater is well above this age limit, consider changing it up as this may start showing many issues to completely failing as a device of daily use. It is strongly recommended that you change the equipment in good faith, the moment the water heater hits its tenth year from the original manufacturing date. 

2. Rusty Water

If you have begun noticing that the water coming out of the faucet connected to the water heater is spilling rusty water, it shows that the insides of the device are rusting away. The inner coating might have corroded away, thus exposing the metal to oxygenation, and causing rusting. A rusted metal soon gives way and will eventually develop leaks. This could be really detrimental to one’s safety. It could also mean that the piping of your home system is melting away. The apparent solution is again, to replace the water heating instrument entirely. It could otherwise wreak havoc to the health and physique of the one in the vicinity of the water heating system. 

3. Noise and rumbling from the heater

It is usual for the water heater to start making rumbling noises as it ages. Usually, as the years go by, a buildup of sediments begin to occur at the bottom of the water heater tank. When these sediments start to harden due to the melting from the heated water accumulation in the tank, there’s a rumbling noise that comes out of the water heater that occurs during heating. And this means that the water doesn’t heat up well efficiently enough. This can even affect the usage of much more electricity and energy, causing the water bill and the electricity bill to rise up as well. You could avoid all this by hiring water heater repairs. If you are from the Gold Coast, there are hot water repairs in Gold Coast that work to provide all repair services to water heater related issues and help with hot water system installation.

These are the three signs that you can look for as a renter or homeowner when it comes to figuring out if your water heater is about to fail. Timely getting your water heater systems serviced and maintained goes a long way in keeping you and your family safe from the hazards caused by these devices.

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