Tuesday, November 30

3 Important Sections of a Google AdWords Ad

The outcome of an AdWords campaign depends on the quality of the posted ads. A professional’s search result-based ad campaign plan is started by collecting an elaborate set of keywords relevant to the features and benefits offered by the advertised products or services. But the keywords only make the ads effective in being displayed as part of the web content and web search results using the same keywords used in the ads.

A user always decides about clicking or not clicking on a particular ad based on its quality, appearance, and style. So along with the selection and placement of keywords, an advertiser must concentrate on the quality of the AdWords ads created to be used in the campaign. Further, a user clicks on the ads to gather some additional information about the products or services in an exact, accurate, and detailed manner. The quality and content of the landing page determine whether a consumer is going to purchase the products or services in an online manner or not.

Title Lines of the Ads

The title line of the ad is the first thing noticed by a potential consumer. Google also displays the title line of your ads in the content published in a various partner and affiliated websites. So the title lines of the AdWords ads determine the number of people clicking on the posted ads to visit the linked page or website. Some ads even provide a brief description of the products or services in a brief manner. But it is the title line that catches the attention and interest of the consumer and convinces him to click on the specific ads. It is of great significance to include the main keyword or keyword phrase in the title line. You can always do this to optimize the ads and make it more efficient to catch the attention of the users.

Description Part of the Ads

The title line of the ad delivers a promise, which is elaborated in the description section of the AdWords ads. After catching the attention of the consumer through the title line, you can use the description to convince the customer to click on the link to achieve some of the mentioned benefits and advantages. You can make the description section more convincing by including the most relevant information needed by a potential consumer. Further, if the advertised products or services scores high due to some unique or distinct characteristics, the same must be mentioned in the descriptions section. The quality of the description sections also determines the CTR achieved through a particular ad.

Landing Page Associated with the Posted Ads

Once a potential consumer is convinced about the benefits offered by the advertised products, he will click on the AdWords ad to know something more. The ad must be leading to a particular section of the website having the most relevance with the advertised product. You need to choose a particular page providing detailed and accurate details of the products being searched for by the potential consumer. The landing page can also be linked directly with the sales section of the website to make it convenient for visitors to place online orders. The exact purpose of the ad campaign cannot be achieved when there is a mismatch between the posted ads and the specific landing page or website section.

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