Sunday, November 28

3 Types of Hotels in India


India is a huge country geographically, diverse one culturally and abundant in its beauty physically. From the mountains in the north to the beautiful coastline in the south, from the desert in the North West to the beautiful forests of the north east, India has it all. And that naturally means travel, travel and even more travel if you want to soak in the essence of this country. And with travel come the associated needs like food and lodging. Lodging is perhaps the most important, as a good stay will equip you with good food too. Just like the country itself, hotels in India come in a diverse category. From Chain of five stars rated ones, like the Taj group or the Meridian to the budget ones like “Ginger Hotels’ ‘, there is one to suit every pocket. You can broadly categorize hotels in India into the following sub-categories-

  1. The luxury hotels and resorts: Equipped with world class facilities, they will make for a comfortable and pleasant stay. Most big cities will come equipped with such hotels, while smaller tourist towns will have luxury resorts which will be just as good. Examples of the same would be the Taj Group, club Mahindra, Orange County, etc. In this range you will also find heritage hotels like Windamere in Darjeeling, Noorus Palace in Bhopal and Kasmanda Palace in Bhopal that give the guests a peek into the glamorous erstwhile Royal era.

  1. The mid range hotels: Often claiming 3 star facilities these hotels need to be checked for their credibility before you actually book yourself into one. While most will actually have decent set ups, there may be cases of more promise than actual deliverance. A good option in the mid budget range would be the official state tourism guest houses and hotels. They are nice, clean and comfortable. Just one catch though, last minute bookings are really difficult in these ones. So, plan in advance and book your rooms.

  1. Finally there will be the budget hotels, ashrams and motels for the backpackers or ones on a tight budget. Ginger group is a chain that has introduced the concept of self service hotels. You check in on your own, carry up your own luggage and mostly have no bellboy etc. service. But the rooms are nice, clean and easy on the pockets too. Other budget setups will have a major compromise in the area of hygiene. Though there will be a few that will be fairly decent. The ashrams will score high on the neatness part when budget is a constraint. Once again, plan in advance and make a few calls to get yourself a good place to shack in, when it’s an ashram that you are looking at. For others, checking the facilities before you commit would be my word of advice.

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