Sunday, January 23

3D Comes With The New Samsung C7000

An ever increasing number of 3D movies have been released in movie theatres over the years. However, we have yet to bring that experience home due to expensive and cumbersome technology. It seems that now, we will finally be able to watch movies and television shows in 3D at home, thanks to a number of manufacturers that will be releasing 3D products in the coming months. One manufacturer, Samsung, has just announced the release of its 3D television, the Samsung C7000.

What is really exciting about the Samsung C7000 series is that not only does it offer native 3D capabilities but it also has the ability to convert the regular 2D pictures into a 3D format right while watching.

If the new technology of 2D to 3D is not enough for you, then you will really enjoy the fact that this new television also has its own built-in Ethernet connection. This connection will allow you to have access to Internet television. Along with the Ethernet connection you will also discover that there are applications for Samsung that can be downloaded to the television.

The televisions design is one of the slimmest yet and has a high glossy silver grey finish that gives the television an extremely sleek and classy look that will look good in any room of your house.

RealD works because it takes advantage of the natural processes of our eyes. When making a movie in RealD, the cameras take two shots of each image, instead of just one, which is what normal cameras do. These images account for what each of your eyes would be seeing if you were actually there. When you watch these movies in the theater, a projector is used to display it on a special RealD screen and you wear special glasses in order to interpret what you are seeing.

The Samsung C7000 series not only includes top notch picture quality for a plasma but it also has met all the requirements to be in the category of energy savers. This should be of great interest to those who are concerned with leaving their ‘footprint’ on the earth. With the energy saving features you can rest assured that this series is ‘green’ in nature.

The crystal clear images you receive are just a part of what makes viewing this television a joy. The black levels on this Samsung are of high quality and there is no problems distinguishing the different shades. This is due to the feature that is called Real Black Filter. Not only does this bring great black levels but it also helps to cut down on the glare on the screen.

There is not much waiting time left until you will be able to take 3D televisions and disc players home with you. Of the many choices you will have is the Samsung C7000 3D television, which comes from a well respected brand.

In order to please more customers Samsung has also included a feature for optimum viewing have included a feature that is called the calibration mode. This mode allows the user to adjust the picture quality to what best suits their tastes in viewing.

And if you love those Blue Ray DVDs you will be extremely pleased to know that you can view these with such clarity that you will think that you are in a theatre and not in your own home.

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