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4 healthy eatables that actually make you fat

4 healthy eatables that actually make you fat

Some people are largely misinformed and they believe that they can get fat by only eating unhealthy foods.

But in reality, there are number of foods that are healthy, but they can still make you fat, and the reason for that are the ingredients that are contained in the food. Today, we will show you some foods that are good for your health but can make you gain weight.

  1. Whole wheat bread
Whole wheat bread is preferred to refined wheat, but there are studies that confirm that the whole wheat bread that we consume is not made entirely from whole wheat. The studies explain the glycerin index in these breads is almost as bad as in the regular breads. According to the studies, the grains in these breads can lead to health complications because they have been pulverized into fine flour.
  1. Avocado
There is no doubt that avocados offer great health benefits like controlling diabetes, lowering cholesterol levels and also help in fighting cancer. But as Tanya Zuckerbrot, the author of the book called The Miracle Carb said, avocados are very calorically dense. Despite of the fact that avocados are very healthy, their fat content ranges from 71 to 88% of its total calorie level.

3.Vegetable Burger

Vegetable burgers are healthy and we all know that. But although avoiding meat can reduce your cholesterol levels and fat, eating vegetables in a form of a burger can also serve you with the same amount of calories. Not to mention the bun and the added ketchup.
  1. Dried fruits
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These fruits are processed by removing all of the liquid in them. That makes them denser. So, when this process is finished, these fruits contain around 8 times the amount of calories it would contain in its natural form. Also, some of these fruits contain large amounts of sugar, and sugar adds to the calorie count.

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