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5 Mistakes to Avoid in a SEO Campaign

SEO campaigns and allied affordable SEO packages, for all they are worth, can bear no fruit if you make some conceptual mistakes at the beginning itself. While most firms are aware of such missteps, there are hundreds of others who keep making the same mistakes day in and day out. And that is probably why even after spending a fortune on their SEO efforts, a Top 10 ranking is still a dream!

So what are these mistakes we are talking about? Well, chances are that you already know about them. And yet, like touching a wall with wet paint even when you have been warned, you commit these SEO sins. And pay the price!

Come let’s find out which 5 mistakes you should avoid to get the best value-for-money & ROI from your affordable SEO packages!

1. Targeting the Wrong Keywords: This is the biggest sin in online marketing campaigns especially if you have a niche consumer-base oriented product or service. Not only does selecting the wrong keywords divert irrelevant, spam traffic to your site, but it also kills your chances of ranking higher on the search engines.

2. Too Much Flash: Too much Flash and glory on the site or the targeted pages may create massive roadblocks for the search engines to cache and rank your site. Moreover, it may also make the sites load at a slower pace, which can kill user interest in your site as well. Consequence? Zero conversions! Scary, isn’t it?!

3. A Bad Landing Page: The only weapon that can actually turn your leads or targeted traffics generated from the hired affordable SEO packages is your landing page. Make it as easy to navigate and conversion-oriented as possible. For all you know, your online marketing campaigns may be bringing you leads in hordes, only to be fended off by your Wall-like blind-alley of a landing page!

4. URL Structure: The key to ranking quickly and comfortably with the use of affordable SEO packages is to keep the main key phrase/keyword within the URL of your website. This way, you can have every site and Meta information have the keyword automatically placed. Result? Rankings, Traffic & Sales!

5. Focusing on Quantity Rather Than Quality: Link builders who have not been in business for long can mistake quantity as a bigger parameter to achieve success than quality. This is blasphemous – and can let your site rot at the nth page of the SERPs forever! You should know – a back-link from 1 PageRank 7 website is better than 20 such back-links from sites with PageRank 0.

So if you had been peddling in $1000 bills into the SEO campaign but to no avail, start checking for these errors. Even the most veteran of online marketers can make these mistakes, and once committed, they are hard to reverse.

Also, stay aware of Black Hat Search Engine marketing, which provides for a quick climb despite the mentioned errors in their campaign, only for your site to be blacklisted a couple of months later!

If you are a professional SEO novice, affordable SEO packages can help you climb the SERPs in no time, but only if you have the patience to weed out these issues first!


John Barrow is a renowned critic from the online marketing domain, and has also been analyzing affordable SEO packages in the industry for more than a decade now. For more information visit –

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