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5 Most Spooky Cake Ideas for Your Halloween Party!

Life is nothing but a bean bag full of moments representing both the best and worst moments of our life. Just as a piano is incomplete without either of the black or white keys, so is life incomplete without either of the sorrows or happiness. Moments are created through celebrations. And we celebrate in occasions. There are varieties of occasions in our life. Each of them comes with their own essences. Some are full of happiness, some are of eternal feelings of love; and some carry the core oxygen of life- laughter and fun. One such occasion is Halloween. A little bit of eeriness, with a spoonful of spookiness and some mystery defines the funny occasion of Halloween. Halloween is celebrated through parties. And any party is incomplete without cakes. Halloween has its own personalized and customized cake style. 

Here are the 5 spookiest cake ideas for your Halloween party. 

1) Chocolate Pumpkin Bat Cake

Chocolate is the guilty pleasure flavor of any delicacy, especially desserts. And pumpkin is the epitome of Halloween. The combination of these two will give the best Halloween cake ever. First you need to order layered vanilla crème chocolate cake. On the top, use vanilla crème to design bats to give the cake the essence of the festival. But, to make it spookier, you can make some chocolate color ribbon bats and set them on the cake with edible Chocó-sticks. You can also go for a simple chocolate cake with coloring sprinkles. And after cutting when you distribute the cake among your guests, add a cat candy on each of the pieces. 

2) Bloody White Cake

Blood is another name of creepiness. A complete white cake with irregular strains of red edible strawberry sauce will make the creepiest Halloween party cake ever. And the cake will be complete if you put a miniature edible dagger on the top of the cake. Or you can go a little intense. You can go for a red velvet ganache cake with a vanilla layering on all of it. And on top of it, spread the raspberry jam layer to make the cake look more eerie. You can order cake online from any renowned cake shop to get the best quality in an affordable price. 

3) Moon Cake

Any horror movie you choose to watch, especially the vampire werewolves ones, there is always this eerie night scene and a crescent moon. So, this moon can be one of the greatest horror themed cakes for this occasion. If you choose to have a crescent moon cake, then a whole chocolate cake with a vanilla ice topping in the shape of the crescent moon at the top. To design it with a little extra, add some ash colored cloud shape creamy stuffs. Or you can go for the full moon as cake as well. That cake with the whole vanilla flavor will rock. The full moon cake will send the message that you stand strong with the werewolves. 

4) Coffin Cake

One of the best part of our childhood is the comics and cartoons. And related to this occasion of Halloween is the famous cartoon- the Adam’s Family. The concept of coffin cake comes from this comic. A coffin cake is a coffin shaped black forest or black current flavor cake with a RIP message on top of it. To make the coffin look more real with the casket peeping through the two parts, you can go for a middle layering of vanilla cake in between the two chocolate or black current or black forest flavored layers. You can get such unique cakes delivered at your party hall from various halloween cake delivery sites providing delivery services. 

5) Spider Cake

Another creature in the nature that resembles the creepiest idea of spookiness is the spider. And no doubt it is another symbol of Halloween. A spider cake will be one of the most amazing halloween cakes. A black forest flavor cake with a spooky spider on it will just go best with the essence of the party. You can even make the spider with edible ingredients. Also, designing a spider with black forest flavor crème on the top of a pure white vanilla or red strawberry cake will also go very well for the occasion. 

Cakes are the first and last trump card of any celebration and Halloween is no exception. Above are the best Halloween cake you can opt for to give your Halloween party the best vibes and best taste ever.    

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