Sunday, January 23

5 Typical Client Expectations from SEO Packages

SEO, for all you know, is not so tough for the professional firms that have been in the domain for more than a decade. In fact, what is harder is to keep in line with the constant changes that the SEO industry experiences, and the evolution of tricks and techniques that it demands from the concerned professionals.

However, even the best of online marketing firms, with the best of affordable SEO packages at hand, cannot but fall flat-faced in front of some unnatural (but typical) client expectations. Now, if you’ve a client who knows the basics of internet marketing, you probably are better off. But if they are the ones who have just started up with an online enterprise, you would do well to know of some these expectations, which may tremendously undermine the otherwise tremendously successful campaign.

We have provided 5 such gargantuan expectations from first-hand experience below:

1. Frequency of Jumping Up the SERP Rankings: Now you might have helped the client jump from the #208 rank to #17 position on the SERPs, but to no avail. The client in this case, starts expecting the same speed and frequent jumps in ranking as he has been experiencing till date. However, you need to help him/her comprehend the fact that it is easier to rise up the rankings in the back-end pages, but it becomes increasingly difficult once you have arrived past the 5th page on the SERPs – affordable SEO packages or not.

2. Keywords Targeted for Ranking: Once the client has achieved ranking in a handful of less competitive keywords, he expects the same speed & money or time to be invested in ranking for the keywords that have much higher traffic volume & competition. Not happening! This is why it is important to set a cap on the number of keywords to be used in the SEO campaign, and the timeframe for the rankings through the affordable SEO packages.

3. One-way Links’ Quality & Quantity: Quantity & quality are two main pain-points in a client-managed SEO campaign. Not only do some clients want a massive number of links, they also want to focus on links from High PR sites. While the latter is justifiable to an extent, one needs to explain that hundreds of links, irrespective of their relevance or value, can push the ROI & efficiency statistics into a harrowing decline.

4. Niche Traffic Inflow: Again, getting traffic to the website is NOT the point of the affordable SEO packages. The point is to get targeted traffic inflow. Traffic that includes the targeted niche consumer base. That is what will increase the potential of sales and profits, and not merely the volume of irrelevant, bounce-prone visitors.

5. Profit Margins: Profit margins cannot be decided by the SEO campaign. If you are not at the helm of designing, developing & copywriting for the site – you can only bring the horse(s) to the water. You can’t make them drink. Conversions are dependent on the quality if traffic, but more on the quality of landing pages and the sales copywriting involved.

Now you know what to expect from clients opting for affordable SEO packages – and will be doing better than now if you have a blueprint ready to tackle such issues when they arise as well!

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