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6 Common Mistakes People Make When Buying Lawn Mowers

Many people think that purchasing a lawn mower is very simple. They just need to pick a good brand and style of the mower. However, buying any turf equipment needs careful understanding of many essential factors. 

Many people also buy turf equipment for sale or used turf machinery. When you buy used machinery then you have to look for various essential factors. In this post, we are discussing some of the most common mistakes made by people when buying lawn mowers.  

  • Wrong Size 

The right size of the lawn is important and many times people ignore this important thing. If you buy a larger width mower then it might be harder for you to push it easily. 

Choose the size of mower according to the size of the lawn and how easily you can move it. For example, if you have a smaller lawn with 35cm width then you can buy a medium-size lawn with width of 40cm. 

  • Cheap Mowers

Many people try to save their money and end up buying a cheap lawn mower. But you will get the low-quality product on low price. Buying a poor-quality mower will not last longer. Therefore, it is best to spend some good amount of money on buying a high-quality lawn mower. 

This is a one-time investment and then you can enjoy the best experience for many years to come. On the other hand, repairing a cheap mower will cost you more. 

  • Hard-to-Start Mower

Another common mistake that people make is to purchase a mower that is hard to move for them. Many people think that moving a mower just need some basic puff and pull to operate. 

However, not everyone can get on with recoil chords. Therefore, moving and efficiently using a lawn mower becomes difficult for many people. So, it is best to look for an electric start machine. 

  • Push Mower 

Many people also make the mistake of purchasing a push mower. A push mower is a manually propelled lawn mower. Push mowers are not suitable on the lawn areas with inclined slopes. In this case, a self-propelled mower works best and most-suitable option. 

All self-propelled mowers come in a wide range of drives fitted and several gears. Therefore, choose a lawn mower according to the surface of your lawn.                                                               

  • Cylinder Mowers for Lumpy Garden 

Do not buy cylinder mowers if you have lumpy garden especially when it snows. Choose the mower according to the grass and terrain type of your garden. Rotary mower is best-suitable for varying grass types. 

On the other hand, if you have a formal lawn then cylinder mower is best for you. If your lawn is like a small football pitch, cricket field, bowling-green, and croquet lawn then cylinder mower is best. 

  • Less Powerful Mower 

Mowers with powerful engines are quite expensive and that’s why people make the mistake of buying less powerful mower. A mower with high horsepower can give your lawn a very fine and neat look. If the grass of your lawn is thick then you definitely need a mower with high power. 

  • Electric VS. Petrol Mower

Many people choose the wrong power source for their mower and that decreases the efficiency. Electric lawn mowers are easy-to-maintain and lightweight but they are suitable for small spaces. 

Petrol mowers are powerful and suitable for large lawns but they need high-level of maintenance. 


So, next time you choose any turf equipment, make sure to avoid all these above-mentioned mistakes. Take special care when buying turf equipment for sale or used turf machinery.


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