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A Cool India Tour to Hot and Steamy Kerala Backwaters

Kerala in summers is sweltering hot. Even the very lure of a cruise in emerald Kerala backwaters – the idyllic tourism retreat and the highlight of an India tour that takes you to Kerala – seems to be dripping in sweat. Thankfully, there are good folks in God’s Own Country who can arrange air-conditioned luxury cruisers to keep us as cool and fresh as we like and leave no stones unturned to make our India Tours a raging success in all seasons.

In summers, it rains in Kerala and when it doesn’t, you can get a magical Ayurveda massage right on the aft deck of your luxury houseboat. The chefs of these luxury houseboats know their fishes and seafood like none other. The special delicacies served on the Kerala houseboats leave a flavor that seems to linger on your tongue long after you are done with the meal and have headed back to your chilled cabin.

Luxury houseboats of Kerala are the featured attraction of the India Tour that takes you to God’s own country to see its tropical beaches, misty mountains, and of course the backwaters. All the best luxury cruises are parked at the Vembanad Lake at night, where the guests can fully relax and spend a lovely holiday. With the standards set quite high by the hotel chain giants operating their motor vessels in Kerala Backwaters, almost all luxury houseboats in Kerala feature luxurious accommodations with attached well-fitted bathrooms.

What makes an India Tour to Kerala backwaters really cool is the traditional Keralite cuisine, modified to suit the palette of the Westerners by the chefs of the cruiser. They use local ingredients mostly but are easy on spices and avoid the conservative use of coconut oil. The solitude, calm, and peace the luxury houseboat cruises of Kerala offer, make them ideal highlights of Honeymoon India Tours. The pampering at the spa area on the boat and just giving away to the soothing rocking movement of your boat in the backwaters provide you the most wonderful India tour getaway option there is, to escape the stress and din of the daily urban mill.

Most talked about tourism destinations in Kerala backwaters include Cochin or Kochi, Alleppey or Alappuzha, Kollam, Kumarakom, Kottayam, Kasargod, Kuttanad, Thiruvananthapuram, Thiruvallam, and Kozhikode. The most renowned motor vessels that are moored at Vembanad Lake include the Park’s Apsara and the Oberoi’s Vrinda. These ultra-luxury Kerala houseboats also arrange de rigor cultural shows by finest classical dancers and musicians of the state for India tour guests that may range from small shows to night-long performances.

Other premiums that might be on offer for luxury India tours that take you to star luxury cruises of Kerala backwaters include visits to heritage buildings and monuments of the region, exhibitions and art collections, wildlife reserves, and remote island villages. You may also opt for gourmet cooking classes from some of the best chefs in the world during your luxury India tour in Kerala.


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