Sunday, January 23

A Description Of Brass Fireplace Tools

Many people love the idea of a fireplace in their homes, and like the idea of brass fireplace tools sitting on the hearth. If you have a fireplace or are planning on purchasing one, you may want a better description of what brass fireplace tools are and why you might want them. Brass fireplace tools often come in a set, and the most popular sets are the 4 piece and the 5 piece sets. When you purchase your tools as a set, then you must remember that one of the pieces is the stand. Your stand sets the tone for the brass fireplace tools; if it is ornate the tools are generally fancier, and if it is simple, the tools are more streamlined. Both the 4 and 5 piece sets will include a poker. This is perhaps the most used fireplace tool if you have a wood-burning fireplace. For those who don’t like to frequently clean their fireplace implements, brass fireplace tools may not be the best idea because the ashes and soot will easily show up on the brass and you will need to clean them frequently. The next tool in both the 4 and 5 piece sets of brass fireplace tools is usually the brush or broom. This has a short handle and the bristles are usually heat resistant. It can be used to sweep the hearth and keep it clean. If you have a gas or electric fireplace, you may not use the brush at all, or you may still use it to sweep the hearth, rather than getting out your kitchen broom. In the 4 piece set of brass fireplace tools, you only have three implements, so the third tool is usually the shovel. This little shovel can be used to clean out the ashes if you have a wood-burning fireplace, or can simply look great if you won’t be using it. If you selected a 5 piece set of brass fireplace tools, the final piece is usually a pair of fireplace tongs or a log mover. In a wood-burning fireplace, this is used to place new logs on the fire or move burning logs around. If you have a large fireplace and hearth, you may want a larger set of brass fireplace tools. You can get sets that include a bellows. This was formerly used to help provide oxygen to the fire if it started to burn too low, but even with a wood-burning fire, it is no longer needed because of the design of fireplaces these days. However, you can find that some bellows are very beautiful. As you can see, a set of brass fireplace tools can be a very decorative accessory to your fireplace. You will want to make sure that you complement the size of your fireplace with the size of your set of brass fireplace tools. Everything should flow together in your room and you should work to accent the fireplace without overdoing it. Now that you know what fireplace tools are, you can choose a great set to go with your fireplace.

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