Sunday, January 23

A Few Garage Storage Ideas

A few garage storage ideas can free up enough floor space in the garage to make room for a home gym or a workshop, and to organize the contents of the garage for easy access. An added benefit could be the eviction of any unwanted house guests, like rodents or wasps, that have taken advantage of clutter that accumulated in the absence of good garage storage ideas. The main reason for researching and choosing some garage storage ideas is that without a plan, the default option is usually to add to the clutter that already exists. A serious consideration of garage storage ideas begins with determining what needs to be stored in the garage. Sometimes clutter is such a problem that the family car sits on the driveway, getting covered with snow and ice in the winter, instead of inside the garage where it stays warm and dry for the morning commute. Different families will have different garage storage ideas according to their individual interests, but some items will be on most lists. Space must be found for garden and lawn tools, snow shovels, chemicals for use on the lawn or for washing, and perhaps outdoor furniture that needs to come in for the winter. There may be bicycles or other exercise or recreational equipment, a lawn mower, and a workshop and tools for some hobby or other interest. What garage storage ideas will create places for this variety and still allow room to move? An evaluation of garage storage ideas begins with determining what needs to be stored, how much room is needed for activities, including getting into and out of the car, and how much room is available in the garage. To determine the answer to the last of these questions, measure each wall of the garage. Include the height to the ceiling to determine what room is available for hanging some items from the ceiling. Note also the locations of all doors and windows and what wall areas have to be kept clear to provide access to switches and outlets. To determine what garage storage ideas will allow compact storage and efficient organization of all that needs to be stored, consider consulting a professional found through your favorite hardware store or through some online vendors. There may be useful garage storage ideas that are not immediately obvious to those who are not familiar with the components and accessories that are available for garage storage. In evaluating garage storage ideas, consider not only the bulk of the items that need to be stored, but especially for large items, consider their weight as well. For example, light items such as rakes, shovels, and bicycles could be hung on racks and hooks installed on the walls to make maximum use of vertical wall space. Heavy items like a generator or a power saw or an engine for some project would need to go instead on a sturdy heavy gauge steel shelf. Good garage storage ideas will provide a suitable place for every thing, and an organization that quickly points to where each thing is stored.

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