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A Few Good Reasons to Install New Home Hardware in Brampton

There are many reasons to install new home hardware in Brampton. It is an affordable alternative to spending thousands of dollars on a complete remodel that will modernize your home and increase its value. Installing quality home hardware can also protect expensive cabinetry and other wood furnishings from the wear and tear of everyday use. Still not sold? Read on to learn more about the benefits of installing new home hardware in Brampton.

Even if you don’t replace every door knob, drawer pull and hinge in your home, you can update a dated kitchen simply by installing new cabinet hardware. The exact dollar amount you will spend on new home hardware in Brampton will vary largely on the finish and style you choose, as well as the number of cabinet doors and drawer fronts in your kitchen. You can expect to pay a premium for home hardware in Brampton with an oil-rubbed bronze finish than those with a stainless steel finish. The majority of handles, knobs and drawer pulls, however, boast single digit price tags. An average sized kitchen usually requires 40 knobs, handles and/or pulls and can be updated for just a few hundred dollars. This is a fraction of the cost to reface or completely replace your kitchen cabinets.

Even small home improvements such as updating home hardware in Brampton will make your home more appealing to potential buyers and, as a result, increase its appraisal and resale value. Brass or gold home hardware in Brampton will definitely date your home and make it less desirable to potential buyers; most people don’t want to hassle with home improvement projects immediately after moving in. Stainless steel, polished chrome or brushed nickel home hardware is trending right now and has a timeless appeal. Home hardware in Brampton with a bronze finish is also on trend right now. Even if you don’t have any plans to sell your home in the near future, updating your home hardware in Brampton with any one of these popular finishes will still increase your own enjoyment of the living space.

Because most hardware is prominent, extending beyond the doors and drawers it is installed on, the type and style of home hardware in Brampton that you choose can actually add a lot of visual interest and tie all of the other design elements together, making the design possibilities endless. For example, antique-style home hardware may be the perfect solution for someone who wants to update the worn-in look of their existing cabinetry while, at the same time, maintaining its original charm. Hardware with a hammered nickel finish has a rough feel and makes the home hardware in Brampton period homes appear more authentic. Long, bar shaped contemporary pulls, on the other hand, can modernize an otherwise tired kitchen.

Specific types of home hardware in Brampton such as cabinet handles and drawer pulls aren’t just functional, they are also functional. Wood is especially susceptible to damage from oil that is found on human skin. Installing hardware on cabinets that don’t already have handles or pulls will protect your investments and prolong their life.

Installing new home hardware in Brampton is one of the quickest, easiest and most affordable ways to update your home. You might be surprised even the smallest details can make a large impact on the overall look, feel and style of your home.


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