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Affordable and Romantic Alternatives to Diamond Engagement Rings

Generally when we think of an engagement ring, a diamond engagement ring comes to our mind but there are many people who can not afford to buy a diamond ring. And for this you do not have to feel bad because there are many affordable and romantic alternatives with which you can create your moment special.

The most important thing which you must remember is that engagement rings are all about its symbolism. The ring is a symbol of love, commitment, beauty, promise and loyalty. And it is not necessary that your ring should be expensive or it should be of diamond. Always remember that it has to show only caring and thoughtfulness and incorporate appropriate symbolism for the particular couple.

You can buy gemstone engagement rings for your beloved which carry a romantic history and are associated with love. The most popular ring in them is red ruby because red is a symbol of love, passion and heart. But you have many more choices such as red garnet, red spinel and red tourmaline. And all these gemstones are beautiful and unique.

You can also go for the green colour which is a symbol of continuity and faithfulness. Here also you have a host of choices such as emerald, green tourmaline and green garnet.

Apart from all these gems you can have sapphire. And in addition to sapphire you can find blue tourmaline and iolite. You can also combine these stones with small diamonds on each side and you can complete your ring with the diamond which is believed to be indestructible because of its hardness.

You can also go for a stone which is associated with wedding and love such as pearl. In pearl also you can find a host of choices in colour, design and style. You can have a pearl ring in an heirloom or antique piece.

You can also use her birthstone in your engagement ring combined with diamond or other symbols of love. Using a birthstone in your ring will give your ring a very personal touch.

But before selecting any stone of your ring you must consider the style and preference of your beloved. Make sure that the stone and style of your ring should match her personality and look great on her hand. Another thing which you must consider is your budget. You can select any gem for your ring according to your budget.

Always remember whatever the message you want to convey through your ring or whatever your budget is there are precious, symbolic, beautiful and rare choices in stones which you can use for your engagement ring. Just as you have found the real thing in your beloved you must also find the real thing in your ring which you have selected for your sweetheart.


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