5 Undeniable Benefits of Social Intranet Platforms in the Workplace

Intranet has been a part of the corporate world for more than two decades. However, it has evolved in the last few years to add more social and communication-building features. In the modern business sector, social intranet platforms have grown to become powerful collaboration tools that enable employees of an organization to communicate quickly with each other and contribute to the progress of a company.

What are Social Intranet Platforms?

Unlike company intranets from the mid-‘90s, social intranet platforms in the 21st century are collaboration tools that employees can enjoy and find engaging. They are equipped with several easy-to-use features, such as instant messaging, file storage, collaboration for projects, and many others. 

In the simplest form, these are private social networks that an organization can use to bring all its employees on a common, secure platform to work as one unit. These private networks work irrespective of the locations of employees. 

How can Social Intranet Platforms Help in the Workplace 

Social intranets do more than just enable employee collaboration and make it easier for them to talk to each other, irrespective of their locations. It can help improve productivity in the workplace and make employees work together to achieve common organizational goals. 

Here are other advantages of social intranet software in an organization: 

  • Improved Internal Communication 

Modern intranet software is equipped with various kinds of technical features that enable employees to communicate with each other and share ideas. They improve internal communication by removing the barriers between employees and management. 

  •         Employees can collaborate to discuss ideas
  •         They can share knowledge
  •         Team leaders can stay in touch with members and provide updates
  •         Remote employees can communicate with their team members
  • One Platform for Information

In addition to promoting collaboration, intranet platforms provide an organization with a centralized platform where its employees share documents that other authorized members can access to complete their projects. They don’t need to visit their colleagues personally to find information. 

  • Easy Onboarding of Employees

Employee onboarding has been a challenge for organizations for many years, but social intranet platforms are making them easier by offering useful tools. They are equipped with features that inform new employees about company policies, up-to-date organizational charts, employee IDs, and others. New employees can use the information to understand their role in the organization and connect with their colleagues. 

  • Reduced Meetings

Many earlier reports suggest that organizational meetings consume a huge portion of employees’ workplace time. This issue can be eliminated with the help of an efficient social intranet tool, which allows team members to hold an online meeting to discuss ideas. Team leaders do not need to bring their members to a meeting room and discuss an idea with them. They can communicate over a secure network and share their ideas. This also brings transparency to the team and increases team members trust in each other.  

  • Improved Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is incredibly important, and intranet networks can improve it as they have lots of interactive features that users like to use. They can comment on other users’ files or give suggestions. In this way, they become more able to understand the bigger organizational picture and contribute to the company’s efforts to achieve its targets. 


Social Intranet platforms are becoming an integral part of successful organizations that want to promote collaboration and improve productivity in the workplace. They serve as powerful, secure private networks where users can communicate with each other, share ideas, and retrieve information to complete their organization goals. All these things happen when an organization uses the best social intranet platform. Only then can it experience the benefits of the network. 

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