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Best Pocket-Friendly Valentine Gifts for Girlfriend

Choosing Valentine Gifts for girlfriend can be nothing short of challenging. Between so many choices, the girlfriend’s expectation and limited budget, there is only so much a man can handle. However, gifts are mandatory for all occasion and are an expression of love itself, and when it comes to Valentine’s Day- the biggest celebration of love globally, a gift is obligatory. However, where there’s a will there’s always a way, therefore, to commemorate the occasion and exceed the expectations of the girlfriend, go through these online valentine day gifts that do not burn a hole in the pocket while being meaningful at the same time.

Potted indoor plants

A hip idea that is both cheap and useful, potted plants like money plant, bonsai, and bamboo stems are all the rage in the gifting industry. Interestingly, these plants not only help clean the environment but also symbolize rebirth or new beginnings. Along with being compact in size, these plants top the list for Valentine gifts for girlfriends along with being meaningful and pocket-friendly. This Valentine, have plants delivered to your girl’s doorstep either from a local nursery or online gifting stores and reap benefits which go a long way.

Personalized Cushion

Sharing a comfortable relationship with your girlfriend speaks of a new level of intimacy. Therefore, send a gift to your girl that relays this comfort both literally and figuratively. This soft, fluffy cushion is very comfortable and authentic. To make it a personalized gift you can always have a couple of photos or a personal message printed on it to serve as a reminder of your love. A romantic gift in the first place, these personalized cushions should be your top priority for Valentine and when you buy birthday gifts for her.


If your girl loves to keep fit by exercising and daily runs, then gift her a pair of socks. The best thing with socks is that they come in different colors and sizes, from old boring ones to funky and bizarre ones in different patterns like stripes, checks and polka dots. Available in different types like wool socks, cotton socks, ankle socks, knee length socks, running socks, and tube socks they serve utilitarian purposes for everyone. To show love even when separated by miles feel free to surf online and gift them in bulk as online valentine day giftsto your girl and surprise her with this caring gesture.


If you have missed either on the Christmas-New Year-Valentine trifecta and wish to compensate now, then journals or notepads are the best options. It doesn’t matter if your girl is a writer or not, these journals and notebooks are good handy items to jot down points and ideas and get back to them later. From cheap tacky ones to leather bound expensive looking planners, these affordable items are very useful and an excellent choice to buy birthday gifts online.

Printed Tees

T-Shirts are comfort wear clothing that can be worn by both men and women, at home or even on formal occasions. Although you can find them at every nook or corner these having a tee designed with printed phrases, quotes, photos and memes to send to your girl is a wonderful idea. These personalized tees can be couple coordinated where both you and your girl can exclusively display your relationship to the world. Interestingly, if your girl loves cartoon or books character or is into Manga and anime, then you can have these characters or related quotes printed on t-shirts. This will be counted as a meaningful and thoughtful gesture on your part, for an otherwise ordinary clothing item while qualifying as a romantic valentine gift for girlfriend.


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