Sunday, January 23

Blooming Flower Tea

At first impression, a dry bloom looks like nothing but a little scattering of leaves wrapped into a ball shape. Like tea bags or loose leaf teas, it is placed in hot water to rehydrate the leaves and to bring out their flavor.

Blooming teas have more in their favor than simply a beautiful appearance. However these can be troublesome to find and many people say that it can have an effect on the flavor of the tea too. A glass measuring cup can work but may not keep the water warm enough to properly bring out the flavor.

Blooming Tea Sets does exactly what the name says. It does this because it is a ball of tea with dried floral arrangements hand stitched inside it. When you pour on hot water, the flowers expand with the liquid, and break out of the ball. But this tea is not just beautiful to the sight, it also tastes really noteworthy. You can understand why tea and meditation seem to go hand and hand when you drink this drink.

The scent is also something special, being indescribably frail. The range of tea used may be either white or green. Decant the hot water into the cup over the tea ball. When done reusing, put it into a glass container with cold water so that you can display it. Do watch out, and make sure that what you get is essentially real blooming tea.

But one sip will say why it is worth each penny. If you are just hunting for a method to wake up in the morning, this is not the drink for you.

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