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bed positioning

How To Choose The Best Bed Positioning Wedges For Good Sleep

Sleep is an essential time for the body as most of the healing takes place at this time. It is also a vulnerable time when the body can be configured to combat some medical issues or accentuate. Shaped like its name, body positioning wedges battle several problems while a person sleeps. Acid reflux, back pain …

gynecomastia surgery
General Health

Different Types of Conditions with Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia refers to the growth of the mammary gland in man. It is a very frequent pathology, affecting 60% of adolescents and 30% of adults. Gynecomastia defines an alteration that causes an increase in the volume of the mammary glands in men, and gynecomastia surgery is the treatment to eliminate it definitively. Although during puberty …

Someone Who Needs Addiction Treatment

How To Approach Someone Who Needs Addiction Treatment?

There are far reaching effects of any addiction, be it alcoholism or drug addiction. Addiction not only affects the lives of people who are struggling with this problem. It also affects the lives of people who love them and care about them. As addiction progresses, it starts devastating the personal, professional, family, financial and spiritual …

Protect Teenagers from Obesity

How to Cure, Monitor & Protect Teenagers from Obesity?

There is a huge epidemic of obesity-related to illness happening in teenagers nowadays in the world.  Since the technology has evolved in terms of gadgets, mobile phone devices, play stations, desktop laptop devices the last two generations have ended up with childhood obesity. Today, obese is in large numbers especially in developing countries in particular …

Kiwifruit:12 Powerful Benefits

Kiwifruit: 12 Powerful Benefits, Including Cancer Prevention and Diabetes Treatment

Kiwifruit, also known as Chinese gooseberry is a delicious, edible berry. It has brown skin with sour taste and light green flesh with tiny black edible seeds. Kiwis are high in nutrients and low in calories. It is particularly rich in vitamin C and vitamin K and has a moderate amount of vitamin E. They …

clexane 40mg
Health Medicines

La verdad sobre Clexane 40 mg y la fertilidad

¿La inyección de Clexane 40 mg puede evitar la pérdida recurrente de embarazos? Algunos estudios han llegado a la conclusión de que el tratamiento anticoagulante con Clexane 40 mg puede ayudar a las mujeres a retener los embriones en el útero, especialmente a aquellas que han realizado un tratamiento de fertilización in vitro o que …

Health Medicines

Descubre qué es el bortezomib y su rol en el tratamiento del mieloma múltiple

Bortezomib es un medicamento contra el cáncer que en los últimos años se ha consolidado como la piedra angular del tratamiento del mieloma múltiple. Estudios recientes demuestran que la inyección de bortezomib en combinación con melfalán y prednisona aumenta la tasa de respuesta de los pacientes y detiene la progresión de la enfermedad durante más …