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Real Estate Management
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How To Go Paperless With A Real Estate Management Software?

While you have to make an initial investment in the technology, real estate management software is going to save your time, money and even space in your property. Making your documentation paperless is one of the major positive changes this technology can bring in your business.  When you are managing a rental property, the following …

home loans
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Planning to Renovate Your House? Know About These Tax Benefits

As per reports, the number of home loans disbursed grew up to 16% in the financial year 2018. Home loans are secured advances with end-user restrictions. The loan amount sanctioned can only be utilised either for the purchase or renovation of a property owned by the borrower/s. Home loans provided by leading borrowers often come …

lal dora land
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What Localities Comes Under Lal Dora & What Are The Risks Involved In Buying It?

Lal Dora is an integral part of city Delhi’s landscape. It was used for the first time in the year 1908. In the simple term that part of the village land which was part of the village “Abadi” (Habitation) was known as “Lal Dora”. It was supposed to be used for the only nonagricultural purpose.

selling your home
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Top tips for selling your home in summer  Thinking about selling your home in summer? We have a couple of tips to prepare you for summer selling.  Depending on your territory, economic situations, and your property type, summer may be might the most appropriate time to sell. By and large, during this season, there is …

Buying Flats
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4 Things You Should Not Ignore While Buying Flats In A Metro City

When the newlywed couple Dipankar and Ruchika, made up their minds to buy a flat in a metro city like Kolkata, demonetisation already had its hit over the country. Quite obviously, the property prices came down to a major low during that time. While the reduced price had triggered their interest to the highest level, …

Furnished Flats
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Fully Furnished Flats For Sale In Mohali

Good fortune to be looked at as ahead of a cubicle environment all the way through Mohali: In Mohali, real estate market enjoys business attribute. Unique information mill building made daily. They also have a high-quality hand and wrist high on home. We could make an eco-friendly and consequently green colored building Flats in Mohali. Businessman …