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Colonial Hotel of India

Renowned around the globe for its customs and civilization, the country of India is a dream tourist spot for a lot of overseas tourists. India is the biggest nation in the Indian Subcontinent and splits borders with China and Nepal to the North, Pakistan to the West, Sri Lanka, the Maldives, and Indonesia positioned to the South-East and Bangladesh and Myanmar to the East.

Its multi-lingual and multi-racial cultural life is what pleas to the foreign masses. Every state of India possesses its very own characteristic style and area of expertise and manufactures innumerable handiwork. In view of the fact that scores of guests and tourists visit India each and every year, the hotels in India make sure that they present with you the best lodging feel to their dwellers.

Keeping all of these facts in mind, hotels in India are always putting in their best effort to provide excellent service to their visitors. I have stayed at the two most renowned colonial hotels in India and they are:

Colonial Santa Maria Hotel, Goa

The Colonial Santa Maria Hotel, Goa is positioned amidst the blossoming tropical gardens. It is an attractive hotel and a haven of tranquility. Colonial Santa Maria Hotel, Goa is located in Baga Beach and is perfect for the ardent lovers of nature owing to its scenic location. It is a resort-type hotel that is comprised of 23 colonial-style chalets.

This is a striking complex and is like a township in nature. This wonderful hotel serves as a marker of the customary Goan hospitality. The Colonial Santa Maria Hotel is to a certain extent in closer proximity to the busy shopping malls, nightclubs, and restaurants. Once you are at this magnificent hotel you can take pleasure in a number of lip-smacking Goan foods. The Balcony is a pub and restaurant on the terrace of this hotel.

Windamere Hotel, Darjeeling

This is a 19th-century boarding house for single Brit and Scottish tea farmers in Darjeeling and is a famed colonial hotel of India. Recognized by the refined tourists from the whole world, the Windamere is celebrated for the only one-of-its-kind atmosphere and allure and has been the subject matter of many foremost chronicles in the global media. The hotel’s Ada Villa appeals to guests who want to escape the present and want to go back to the past and who want a reminder of how people got on with their lives in old Darjeeling. For this reason, there are no TVs and telephones in Ada Villa.

Author’s bio: Antonio Bristow has written different write-ups on colonial India. In this article, he gives the readers an insight into the colonial hotel of India.

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