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Consider The Cord Cutting

Cord cutting is considered a very influential idea these days in terms of saving money. Many people are of the view that if they cut the Cable TV Internet service, then they can save a huge buck. But sometimes situation becomes contrary and the ideals we set and consider helpful, turn out opposite. The only way to make an informed decision is to find out the limitations and your needs, not following the cord cutting idea blindly.

Are The Streaming Services Cost Friendly?

There are various aspects to ponder upon and decide about the right option for you the basic character or feature is the cost of streaming services how far does it effect and benefit. The streaming services like Netflix and Hulu are in trend with their original content viewership, but there are limitations in their services and this makes them costly. The Pay for only what you want when you want it is quite an attractive offer but to get the shows you want when you want them, may need to subscribe to multiple services and exceeds than what your cable bill costs you. And even you subscribe to the multiple services, still not able to watch the variety of the programs what you are able to with the Cable TV Internet Providers services.

Faster Speed Internet for Streaming

Netflix recommends a 5 Mbps of speed for HD quality experience to stream the shows. To watch only what you want when you want requires an upgraded fast internet service to stream your favorite shows and to get the convenience at any time. You are only able to stream on Netflix if your internet service is capable to handle this much HD and fast streaming. If your Internet Providers is too slow or prone to interruptions, your shows may undergo from long buffering times or refuse to play altogether.

Devices Cost

Most people like to watch all of their favorite shows on laptops and Smartphones screens and quite okay for them. But if you want to enjoy on a big screen and want to enjoy the full effect, then there is an increment in the cost. And the gadgets which are used to connect the service to your big screen are expensive and require a monthly subscription.


Streaming And Sports

Watching the other entertainment or regular stuff through streaming services is a pretty better idea, but when it comes to sports, you can’t enjoy the sports without a cable TV subscription, DirecTV Internet because live viewing of sports is quite a limited option. The streaming services offer many channels like ESPN etc do not offer standalone apps and makes it difficult to figure out that which app is offering which channels. Overall the decision depends on the customer as earlier mentioned, not every idea suits everyone in every situation, decide what suits you in accordance with the circumstances.


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