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20 Exciting Wall Decor Ideas You Can Adopt Today

The walls of your home are the largest open spaces you have which can be put into use to enhance the look of your home. A well-designed wall brings out the taste and the personality of the homeowner. It is for this reason, the builders of the residential property in Noida Extension, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and other hi-tech cities are experimenting with the designs of the walls. Here are the 20 wall décor ideas you can’t resist yourself from implementing in your home walls.

1. Motivational Quotes

Mounting stickers with inspirational quotes on the walls has become a trend nowadays. This makes a statement and motivates everyone who reads the quotes. This is a budget-friendly and bold wall décor idea.

2. Wooden Wall

Wooden walls are the luxurious amenities of a house. Wooden wall adds a beautiful texture to the particular room and enhances the overall look of the home.

3. Wall With Lighting Fixtures

Displaying some lighting fixtures on the walls like artistic lamps, antique lanterns etcetera gives the room a brighter and clearer view by innovatively highlighting the walls.

4. Wall Mirrors

When you use mirrors on the walls of your home to decorate it, it gives even a small and dark room comparatively a bigger and brighter look by reflecting space and light.

5. Textured Wallpaper

A textured wallpaper having a metallic finish enhances the look of the living room. It adds stunning features to the walls.

6. Wall Textures

Mounting a large and well-designed sculpture on the wall gives the room a 3D effect and attracts the eyeballs of the guests.

7. Modern Frames

You can mount stylish frames come in a variety of shapes on the walls of the bathroom. This wall décor idea is excellent for decorating a small bathroom. You can also add mirrors to the frames.

8. Hand Painted Pics

Adding self-made or hand painted stencils or motifs in the walls of the kids’ room is a great and budget-friendly idea. The motifs can be of any animals or cartoons.

9. A Blackboard

Installing a blackboard in the wall of the kitchen, living room, study room, or home office space is a great wall décor option. You can write down the recipes or to-do(s) on the blackboard and also erase or redraw.

10. A Carpet

Look for a tapestry or a carpet in your house that can enhance the look of the wall. If you find a suitable one, then mount it on the wall.

11. Magnetic Boards

If you are looking for decorating the kitchen walls then installing magnetic boards on the walls is a great idea. It can be used as a platform to store the utensils, spices, condiments etcetera creatively.

12. A Landscape

The ambiance of the bedrooms should be calm and relaxing. Installing beautiful scenery themed wallpaper can take the stress out of your mind by creating a serene atmosphere in the bedroom.

13. Wall Stickers

You can bring a unique element to the walls by pasting decorative decals or stickers on it. This is a DIY wall décor idea that is also affordable.

14. An Art Gallery

If you are an art lover, then you can properly utilize the walls of your home by displaying your favorite art pieces made by you or by your favorite artists.

15. Wall Shelves

If you are a book lover then installing shelves on the walls is a great wall décor idea. Installing shelves on the blank walls not helps in storing books only but, also helps to store other accessories.

16. A Unique Color

If you have a look at the attractive residential properties like the Apex Golf Avenue, Gaur City etcetera, then chances are you would find one common thing in all of them, i.e., the bright walls. A wall painted with a bright color is a treat to the eyes.

17. Go Green

You can add the touch of refreshment in the ambiance of the home by implementing a green or living wall. Put bonsais or the plant of your choice on the wall to make it nature-rich.

18. Memory Wall

You can use the wall as a giant collage canvas by displaying your favorite pictures on it. Just browse through your picture collections, be it your childhood memories, any vacation, an occasion, or the mix of all and frame them on the wall.

19. CD Wall

You can create a CD wall using your used CDs or can buy whole new ones. This is an inexpensive and effortless way to make the walls look super trendy.

20. Stone Cladding

Cladding stones in a particular section of the wall is another way of designing a textured wall. People clad the walls of the living room or the dining room, but you can get creative in your way.


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