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Now Trending – Eyebrow Sculpting and Waxing

The perfect eyebrow is something we all have been trying to maintain forever, and with good cause. A well-defined brow can change the look of the entire face, and highlight the features. There are many brow products available in the market, and the range is huge. One can pick from brow gels to brow mascaras, brow powders and tints, and so much more. One can create a new shape or enhance the natural shape, pluck, thread, tweeze and fill to get the perfect brow. But all this takes time and expertise, and that too every single morning. Who has the time for this? The quest for getting the ideal brow has been answered by some quick, easy solutions like eyebrow sculpting and eyebrow wax and tint. An eyebrow sculpting or tinting treatment can go a long way in helping develop brows that stay on for long and need minimal maintenance.

What is Eyebrow Sculpting? 

Eyebrow sculpting is a technique through which the eyebrows are given a semi-permanent, textured paint that can be gel-based. It helps define and fill in sparse eyebrows and create a fuller look. Since it is a semi-permanent procedure, it stays on for a couple of weeks, and can be easily retouched. It works as a wonderful, time-saving alternative to filling in the eyebrows every day.

The Procedure 

Eyebrow sculpting can be a follow-up procedure to an eyebrow wax and tint. 

The sculpting begins by analysing the shape, texture and density of the brows. The shape of the eye and the face symmetry is also taken into consideration.  This complete analysis is then put together and a brow shape is decided upon. Once the eyebrow have been trimmed for length, and any stray hairs are placed and tweezed, the brows are filled in with a brow powder. This powder is used to define the desired shape of the brows and is the basis on which sculpting shall be done. Once this is done, a sculpting gel is used. This gel has a tint that closely remembers the natural tint of the brow, and maybe a mix of two or three shades to bring depth and dimension to the brow. 

Using a slim, fine applicator brush, the gel tint is then applied on the brow, focussing on areas that are sparse. It is applied in a fine brush stroke manner to mimic the natural brow hair and give a natural but three-dimensional effect. 

This gel will last for a couple of weeks, and then fade off gently. Once faded, it can be re-done to fill in the gaps, almost like a touch up is done for hair colour. In some cases, eyebrow extensions may also be used.

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