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Things You Need to Consider When Hiring a DUI Defense Lawyer in Austin TX

Friday night outs, parties, events, these things are part of our social responsibility to keep our sanity from all the workload we are bombarded with. We deserve these things. However, these things may also lead us to trouble especially when alcohol is involved.

On most occasions, alcohol is present. To some, it even is the star of the event! So, avoiding it is sometimes difficult. We all have been there! Driving home despite being under the influence of alcohol. If we’re unlucky, we get arrested for it.

This is where legal defenses come in place. If you find yourself in this difficult situation, here are the things you need to consider when hiring a DUI defense lawyer.

  1. Talk To Several Attorneys Before Signing Any Agreement

Fighting for a case takes a lot of time, energy, and finances. Hence, being with someone you are comfortable and have confidence in is imperative. Having a person whom you can trust, especially in this difficult time will make all the burden lighter. Whether you are arrested for a DUI or DWI, hiring an Austin DWI lawyer with a good record, reputation, and personality will give you a better chance at saving your name and credibility. Consult with several ones and follow your guts in choosing the right lawyer to fight with you.

  1. Run a Background Check and Get To Know Your Lawyer More

Website reviews, radio commercials, and social media recommendations are some of the factors that will tell you if your Austin DWI attorney has the track record, experience, and credibility needed to win your case. However, despite knowing all of these, knowing him on a personal level will allow you to decide if he is indeed the perfect man for the job. To really know him better, you may ask questions about how he handled a specific case. Here, you will know if his experiences are similar to yours. You can also ask how they deal with the prosecutors or the judge, this reveals much about his character. Knowing that he has the set of skills, a similar experience with your case, and the right attitude in dealing with the case will increase your confidence in fighting for your rights, especially if you think you have been wrongly accused.

  1. Check if Your Defense Lawyer Has Encountered The Prosecutor and The Judge On Your Case

Every local jurisdiction is different. Judges manage their court differently because they have different fields of experience and philosophies which they use as their basis when making important decisions. A DUI defense lawyer with experience in the same courtroom as your judge and prosecutor will give you an advantage. Knowing your local jurisdiction well will make it easier for your lawyer to find alternative solutions to dismiss your case or to negotiate for a lesser charge when proven guilty.

  1. Know all The Charges You Need To Pay For and Ask For Specifics

Legal fees vary depending on the severity of the case. Some lawyers charge a flat fee, while some charge for an hourly rate. Some allow you to pay in monthly installments while others demand upfront payments. 

On top of those, there are other expenses associated with DUI or DWI charges such as license suspension fees, DUI driving class, drug and alcohol screenings, etc. You also need to ask what you are paying for. Will it be a negotiation to plead a deal or to face a jury for a trial?

Upon knowing these things you will have a clear picture of the amount you need to pay so you may consider your next steps from there.

  1. Ask How The Two Of You Will Communicate

In everything, communication is key. Hence it is important to know how the communication will go forward after the first consultation. You both have to agree on how to communicate with each other best — calls from mobile phones, SMS, or email. There are instances when you will be contacted by a secretary, so knowing these small details will avoid misunderstanding and make the communication more efficient.

We all make mistakes, and as long as we are remorseful to our wrongdoings, we all deserve a fresh and brand new start. When fighting a DUI or DWI case, your reputation and credibility are at stake and your DUI defense lawyer will be your best ally. Therefore, to ensure that your name will be restored, only choose DWI lawyers Austin TX residents trust and recommend.

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