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How is Cable Internet Better than DSL?

Much like any of the many businesses out there, the internet providers are opportunists. Only those survive who give the absolute best service to their customers. There are several internet technologies in the market which are DSL, Cable, Fiber-optic, and Satellite. Only Cable and DSL are the most commonly used services due to their established infrastructures. The nature of internet usage has changed, and DSL lacks in fulfilling user requirements which has provided Cable with an advantage over DSL.

How They Function


Digital Subscriber Line or DSL utilizes the telephone line that already exists in almost every home and office. It uses the telephone line to transmit signals. DSL is different from the old dial-up connection where the user had to dial the line to connect to the internet. Previously with dial-up connections, the telephone line could not be used for making calls, but DSL allows users to use the phone line simultaneously.


Cable internet is developed on the same coaxial cable line used by every home for TV. The main benefit of this service is the users don’t need to install separate wires as they get internet, TV, and phone services through the same cable. Providers have built nationwide infrastructures of cable which means it covers most of the US.

Let’s discuss why Cable is significantly better than DSL. Also, check The list of top modems for gaming.


The internet is not about merely about a search on Google. With a high-speed internet connection, users can enjoy 4K video experience, live streaming, and online gaming. DSL offers download speed from 1 Mbps to 9 Mbps and uploading from 500 Kbps to 2 Mbps. That speed is enough for regular browsing, but it cannot work for the high-end online activities. Cable offers download speeds from 30 Mbps to 100 Mbps and uploading from 5 Mbps to 35 Mbps.


DSL is not reliable due to its old infrastructure which often causes service outage in severe weather. Cable is a relatively newer technology and has less service outage issues. Moreover, cable provides smooth service as it has a lesser latency rate than DSL.


Some users think cable is expensive than DSL, but the fact is its opposite. If the user selects DSL for internet, he has to subscribe to a separate TV plan. The accumulative cost of both services is usually high, but cable providers offer their services in bundles. These packages help customers to save more money. Also, these plans provide the latest features that you could never imagine of enjoying with DSL.

Spectrum: the best Cable internet Provider

If the customer is looking for cable service, then Charter Spectrum will be his ultimate choice. Charter Packages provide the fantastic features in the affordable price. Its Triple Play packages offer the all services with many features for free that other providers charge.  The triple Play range of Charter Packages provides three categories; Select, Silver, and Gold. Here’s a glimpse of these packages.

125-200+ Free HD TV channels

  • 100 Mbps internet speed
  • Unlimited bandwidth for internet
  • Free unlimited calling in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, and many other Federal territories
  • Free Wi-Fi router for home
  • Nationwide access to a free public Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Free online security suite
  • Free DVR service
  • Access to thousands of shows and movies and On-demand content
  • Spectrum TV app to watch your favorite shows anywhere

So, if you have still not experienced the high-speed internet, contact My Cable Internet which is an authored retailer of Charter Spectrum. Alternatively, you can also make a Call for Charter Spectrum internet packages at their toll-free number and get assisted by customer representatives.


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