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How Live Podcast Streaming Could Up Your Podcast Game

Are you a new brand and trying to establish yourself? One of the best marketing options for your brand this current age is podcasting. To take your podcasting game up a notch – employ live podcast streaming as a part of your podcasting schedule. Podcasting enables a way to convey a sense of trust amongst you and your listeners. The more they begin to hear your voice, the more they start relying on you for advice regarding a particular niche. Then they become more perceptible to buy your products – as a result of your voice of trust.

This trust factor, however, could be affected by the quality of your podcast. It is all about delivery and the recording. However, when you have a podcast, there’s a possibility to edit out any blemish, ensuring great quality content, which, if too polished, could seem over-prepped and fake to an extent. So, how can you better connect with your audience? Go the live podcast streaming way, which goes along the more traditional route – like a radio show.  

What does one mean by Live Podcast Streaming?

Live podcast streaming runs alongside the traditional route of radio show hosting. Shows can be broadcast live with the use of online software. You could do it all yourself in your homes but, by getting a professional live podcast streaming studio that comes along with the recording engineers and production people, it could eliminate the causation of any form of glitches in the system, recording, and broadcasting. There are several online software that allows one to do live podcasting.

How hard is it to manage a Live Podcast, Streaming? 

There are a few challenges to managing a live stream of podcasting. Some of which are, 

  1. Any of the guests involved in the podcast have to be present punctually and even be prepared. A casual loose attitude could result in loss of audience as it shows the unprofessional attitude of the podcasters. 
  2. Each segment needs to be vetted carefully and prepared well in advance. There should be a proper format that is followed. Guests must be pre-prepared for the segments and asked to showcase their answers. This is especially important as a live podcast streaming cannot be re-recorded. The content should be fixed and prepared well, keeping in line with the format of the show. 
  3. The technology used could cause glitches and problems. If your guest is present with you at the same host location, the only problem that could arise is due to a technological fail – equipment not working up to mark. You could, however, ensure that it doesn’t occur by pre and post checking the equipment to the recording.
  4. The problem could be worse in the case of remote podcasting. Chat programs such as Skype and Whatsapp aren’t really immune to glitches either. There needs to be a consideration of multiple ways of communication pre-planned as one, or the other could fail at any given time. 

These are just some of the major problems that could arise during a live recording session for a podcast. This goes to show that getting and hiring a professional live streaming podcast service would ensure the smooth running of a program.

How do Advertisements and Jingles work in a Live podcast streaming session? 

One of the major ways to monetize a podcast is by inserting paid collaborations in the way of adding advertisements. This is one of the key ways to make revenue in the podcasting world, just as in the radio world. Many of the online podcast recording software available nowadays, allows one to insert jingles and advertisements at one’s command with just a click of a button. This means you could make a steady revenue even while recording a live podcast streaming session. 

Live podcast streaming programs are worth the risk and that much more fun to do. As a budding business, consider going the live podcast streaming route in order to expand your business horizon and build a certain trust with your audience. 


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