Tuesday, November 30

How Loan Underwriters Are Breathing Existence In The Lending Industry

A loan applicant waiting for closing the loan can be a tormenting period, be it a housing loan, loan, or personal loan. Throughout the closing process, you await on other people, and you often wonder whether the underwriter looked at your file yet? Or Has your employer verified your employment status? While these external factors are beyond your control, there are some factors that you can control implicitly. The solution to these stressful procedures lies in the type of loan underwriting service you choose. A loan underwriting process is a process your lender goes through to decipher your requirements as a borrower. The loan underwriting process involves every aspect of your income, credit to weather your financial situation. The underwriter reviews documents you submit, followed up with questions relating to your financial situation. 

What does the loan underwriting process evaluate?

From mortgage underwriting process to commercial loan underwriter, the underwriting process evaluates every aspect of your financial condition that lenders will decide upon whether you’re an acceptable credit risk. Generally, the underwriter will need to prove to the lender that you will be able to repay the loan. The following aspects whether you’re eligible for the loan: 

Income- The steadiness of your income history and whether it is likely to continue in the future will be evaluated. Your income will also decide whether you qualify to pay the taxes, insurance, and other associative fees. 

Assets- These determine whether you have enough cash funds left after the closing to weather other turbulences to your income or expenses. 

Credit- The credit score determines whether you qualify for the loan or not. If there are derogatory items on the credit reports, then the intensity and severity of the derogatory items are examined and scrutinized closely in advance. 

Debts- Under these liabilities, your total monthly debt payments are evaluated. The front-end and back-end debt ratios are determined to approve your eligibility for the loan. Obligations like child support, alimony, or student loans will be evaluated. 

Today, expert underwriters incorporate loan underwriting software to enable flexibility and adaptability to stay future-ready by implementing loan origination solutions built on the low code virtually automated platform. The software leverages scalable lending solutions to serve all kinds of loans, including SME, SBA, and commercial loans. Additionally, the software also ensures compliance with regulatory parameters and streamline the lending processes by uniting your front and back-office operations. 

Your role in the entire underwriting process is to move swiftly on requests and questions. No matter how silly the request is, do not jump right in. Think, strategize and then execute. Just handle the last few items and submit the paperwork so that you can hear the three magical words- Clear to close!

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