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How To Choose The Best Bed Positioning Wedges For Good Sleep

Sleep is an essential time for the body as most of the healing takes place at this time. It is also a vulnerable time when the body can be configured to combat some medical issues or accentuate. Shaped like its name, body positioning wedges battle several problems while a person sleeps. Acid reflux, back pain and discomfort during pregnancy are some of them. Here is how one can choose the best bed positioning wedges for a good sleep.

  1. The Shape of the Wedge

Wedges for bed positioning are mostly found to be triangle-shaped, but a few have a barely varied sleeping surface. Some are found to be flat, while the others have a tiny dent or a curved divot for improved convenience.

  1. The Size of the Wedge

Although the standard size for the bed positioning wedges is 20, meaning 20 inches in length and width, there are other sizes available as well. The width of the shoulders, height and sleeping position greatly influence the height and the width of the pillow. These wedges are available in sizes like small, medium and large for varied body sizes.

  1. Weight of the Wedge

The weight of the body positioning wedges depends significantly upon the age of the user and the kind of sleeper. For kids, lighter wedges should be chosen which weigh up to 2 pounds. For an adult, a wedge weighing higher than that like 10 pounds can be opted for. If a person takes many tosses and turns while sleeping, a more substantial wedge is a better choice for medical purposes.

  1. The Curve of the Wedge

The average inclination of wedges for bed positioning is 6-7 inches. There are other models whose penchant extends up to 12 inches as well. If one sleeps on his/her back, wedges with higher inclination should be avoided as it strains the back muscles too much. These more top inclined models are mostly put to work as headrests or backrests.

  1. Composition And Material of the wedge

The materials of composition that are most widely used to make up the bed positioning wedges are polyurethane foam, memory foam and latex foam. While some of the manufacturers make these up by using a single layer of foam, the others apply multi-layer foaming. Their multiple layers consist of harder foam at the core with high-density and a softer upper layer of foam for comfort. 

Almost all the wedges have a firm or dense feel upon resting. A wedge pillow with a contoured body is likely to be less firm than the others. It is composed of hypoallergenic material to suit people with sensitive skin and breathable material as well. Mostly, the cover of the wedge is washable, but the body positioning wedge itself is not.

  1. Sleep trials and warranty

A lot of wedges for bed positioning companies offer trials period of about one to three months. It is to see if the wedge suits the needs of the user or not. Always look for a brand that comes with a warranty or a satisfaction guarantee for lifetime.

Keeping these points in mind, one can effectively choose the best bed positioning wedge for a good sleep.

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