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How to Cure, Monitor & Protect Teenagers from Obesity?

There is a huge epidemic of obesity-related to illness happening in teenagers nowadays in the world.  Since the technology has evolved in terms of gadgets, mobile phone devices, play stations, desktop laptop devices the last two generations have ended up with childhood obesity. Today, obese is in large numbers especially in developing countries in particular and dramatically the world powerful country like the U.S is the biggest victim of childhood obesity. 

The factors are quite common among most of the obese children and teens. They don’t use to of doing healthy activities and used to of spending most of the time on the screen. Obesity in teens has become global issues over the last decade and has become a tough challenge of the current century. 1 out of 4 teens in Australia is overweight or obese. It is all because of the high usage of sugar and lacking physical activities.

According to the research

Technology has played a significant role in the growth of the sedentary lifestyle of teenagers; spend most of the time on screens of digital devices such as cell phones, and computer devices. The Department of Health and Ageing Australia, The use of electronic devices needs to be lemmatized and it should not be more than 2 hours a day. The use of technology is one of the biggest factors behind teenage obesity.  

Obesity in teen’s statistics 

  • Almost 9 million children and teens between the ages of 6 to 19 are overweight.
  • Almost 70% of teen obese continues being affected by obesity in their adulthood.
  • Technology contributes in terms of lack of physical activities on cellphone, internet and computer devices; almost 40% of children are obese due to the excessive use of technology
  • Technology obsessed teens don’t want to do physical and healthy activities; this type of disinterest in outer side of the world leads them to poor self –esteem and depression. 
  • More than 40% of teens spend more than 4 hours on digital devices connected to the internet.

Monitor & protect teens from Obesity

Parents can come to know how much time they spend time on their digital devices. However, parents can encourage their teens and children for physical activities like sports rather than sticking with digital devices like mobile phones and gadgets. Guide your children spending too much time on the bed, chair, and use of devices connected to the internet causes health issues and at the end of the day, they will look ugly and clumsy. Encourage them to take less sugar in their drinks whether at home, school and when they are outside the house taking meals with their friends. Don’t allow your kids and teens to take so many fats in their meals and meals should be a reasonable time, early in the morning, in the afternoon and at eve rather than to take meals a late night. Apart from guidance and parenting, parents should look after their screen time.

Monitor your teen’s Screen Time

Parents can remotely come to know how much time your kids and teens used to spend on their digital devices. Further, parents get to know the reasons for spending too much time on their cell phones and gadgets. Additionally, working parents can record the screen of the teen’s digital devices and get to know what sort of foods they order using their devices. Parents can remotely block internet activities to stop children from sticking their mobile devices. Cell phone parental monitoring app is the best tool that even enables parents to track the GPS location of the teens to know if they are visiting some sort of fast food franchise if you already have stopped them to eat unhygienic food from outside the house. When it comes to protection from obesity there are plenty of tips that prevent teens from the curse of obesity. There are the following tips to protect children from obesity.

Protect teen from obesity

  • Don’t focus on your children’s weight too much, but to change the eating habits of your teens slowly.
  • Parents are always role model for kids, so be a good role model make them eat healthily, sleep healthy.
  • Take your children at parks and encourage them for sports, and useless tech devices in front of them.
  • Reduce their screen time on computer and phones less than 2 hours
  • Tell your kids to always eat meals when they are hungry and eat slowly.
  • Encourage the use of warm water rather than cold drinks full of sugar, such as soft drinks, fruit juices, and let them drink low –fat milk, and fresh fruits.


Obesity is a curse, but the technological revolution and has changed the course of our living. The modern generation loves to spend time on digital devices, so parents should monitor screen time and encourage them for physical activities.

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