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How to Prevent a Moldy Basement

Basement mold and mildew can be prevented from growing and spreading further into other parts of the house using the right basement insulation techniques. If you are dealing with mold growth already in your basement, what do you do to reclaim your basement from mold infestation? Mold remediation services Oklahoma City Oklahoma tackles mold growth with everything they’ve got. They aim to liberate every home in Oklahoma from mold growth. 

A moldy basement has an unpleasant smell. Finding a solution to this awful smell depends on how fast you want it. You can choose to live with it for the rest of your stay in the house or opt for mold remediation services Oklahoma City Oklahoma to get rid of mold in your home. More so, you can avoid reaching out to a mold remediation company if you’ve done the right thing from the onset: designing above-grade wall designed for your basement. Designing the right grade walls will prevent your basement from smelling like old socks, whilst you enjoy healthy living. Mold exposure, regardless of type, can potentially make you sick. Protect your health and get rid of mold growth triggers in your home. 

Basement Foundation and Mold Growth

There’s a correlation between the basement foundation and mold growth. It takes approximately 5 years for a freshly poured concrete foundation to fully dry hence it’s not hard to see why mold growth is prevalent in these places. However, there is an exception. A foundation with waterproof membranes will reduce the prevalence of mold growth in the home. Concrete is like a sponge, and when left unchecked will continue to wick moisture from the ground and spread to the other parts of the home, for as long as the property exists.  

So What Makes the Basement Attractive to Mold?

There are many factors to this. These include 

  1. Most basements are not properly insulated making the room wet and moist. Fortunately, the National Building Code has insisted that every homeowner must at least have their property insulated. Areas with high moisture levels will require a longer time to fully dry. 
  2. Failing to choose the right wall assemblies and materials. Many real estate developers and homeowners often make decisions on building materials based on cost and not quality, future repair cost, energy performance, and keeping occupants protected by limiting the growth of mold formation. So when considering buying building materials for your new home think of the long-term benefit and go for quality service delivery. 

Make your basement mold-free by ensuring it is properly insulated. More so, your choice of building materials should not just be environmentally friendly but also designed to be able to prevent mold growth. Find a reliable company offering mold remediation services Oklahoma City Oklahoma for advice on the most appropriate solution. Since every household is unique when it comes to mold infestation, a professional will give you the right solution that’s unique to your property. 


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