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7 Creative Ideas for a Beautiful and Meaningful Memorial Service

When it comes to losing your loved ones, there’s really no moving on. You only get better through time and get used to them being gone. This is why memorial service is done in order to honour the memories of those who passed, ensuring that their memories live on forever.

Today, many people are starting to shift from traditional to a personalized funeral memorial service because it is in this way that the families can create a more meaningful service that truly tells the story of the person’s life when he was still alive.

To help you in planning a memorable funeral, we have listed down eight creative ideas for a memorable service.

1. Don’t be Afraid to Incorporate Colors in Funeral Flowers

Traditionally, white flowers are often seen on funerals. But that doesn’t have to be the case every time. Try incorporating the favourite colors of the deceased. This is one way to honour them! You may even choose the flowers that they like and arrange them in a way that matches their personality. 

2. Be Creative with Memorial Service Photos

Photos are one of the best ways to remember someone who passed away. They let you revisit the memories of a person that is gone. They give you a sense of nostalgia like no other. So, gather the best photos of your loved one and be creative in displaying them. You may use balloons and attach the photos on the string. Or you may create a designated memory wall where you’ll display all the images. There’s no requirement as to how it should be done, so just be creative.

3. Create an Epic Memorial Slideshow or a Tribute Video

Create a slideshow or a video as a tribute to your loved one. Don’t forget to incorporate the music that this person loves. Then upload these slideshows or videos on social media networks and encourage family and friends to share using a personalized hashtag.

4. Creative Giveaway and Memento Ideas for Personalized Funerals

Mementos are also one of the best ways to honour and remember the life of the person. Memorial prayer cards are examples of a memento. They are pocket-sized, so family and friends can easily keep them at all times. You can personalize these memorial cards according to your preferred color and design. Indeed, a creative and affordable way to keep your loved one’s memory alive.

5. Send Friends and Family Home with Memorial Thank You Cards

A memorial thank you card is the best way to show your gratitude to those people who showed their love and sympathy during a rough time. This will not only honour the deceased but also those who took their time to attend the memorial service.

6. Offer Their Favorite Food and Beverages

Did your loved one like cocktails? How about gummies? Incorporate the favourite food and beverages of your loved one. This will make guests happy and full and give them a nostalgic feeling knowing how the person loved that food when they were still alive.

7. Hire a Live Band to Serenade the Guests

In traditional funerals, the songs played are usually sad songs. But this doesn’t have to be in today’s modern age. If the family agrees, have a live band play the favourite songs of your loved one. You will be amazed at how many memories will flashback upon hearing those songs. 

A memorial service is really done to honour and ensure that the memories of someone who passed away will live on. So, when planning a funeral service, make it about the deceased. Tell his story in the most beautiful way so people will remember him positively. It’s perfectly okay to personalize everything, like giving away memorial prayer cards as a memento. Just be creative and use these tips to help you plan a memorable funeral service your loved one deserves!



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