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What Localities Comes Under Lal Dora & What Are The Risks Involved In Buying It?

First used in 1908 for property classification in Delhi NCR, the term “Lal Dora” denotes village land extensions with specific agricultural uses. At present, the Lal Dora dwelling covers around 360 villages and their extensions around the city.

A Lal Dora property is quite lucrative in terms of investment. With property prices much lower than other parts of Delhi, investors only require a Lal Dora certificate to construct a house in this region. However, even with numerous advantages that come with purchasing a property under Lal Dora, there are certain back draws attached to it.

The following are the localities that fall under Lal Dora and the risks associated with purchasing a property in any of those localities.

Localities under Lal Dora

There are a total of 362 villages in Delhi, under which 227 are rural villages while the other 135 have been classified as urban villages. These villages do not come under the rules of the municipality, thus allows property construction without municipality intervention. 

Some of the villages that come under Lal Dora Abadi include-

  • In West Delhi-
    Possangipur, Virendra Nagar, Parts of Uttam Nagar, Mahavir Enclave, Asalatpur.
  • In South Delhi-
    Basant Gaon, Kishan Garh, , Khirki, Lado Sarai, Munirka, Yusuf Sarai, Katwaria Sarai, Chhatarpur, Sant Nagar, Mehrauli Extended Abadi.
  • In East Delhi-
    Trilokpuri, Khera Gaon, Dayanand Block in Shakarpur, Kondli, Kotla Village.
  • In North Delhi-
    Navada, Netaji Subhash Vihar, Gopal Pur, Karkardoma Gram, parts of Rohini, parts of Narela Village.

These areas, even with huge prospects for both commercial and residential establishments, still come under the Lal Dora property classification.

Individuals looking to construct houses in any of these areas can easily do so without building permission from the municipality. They can even alleviate the financial burden by availing a loan against property. For instance, financial institutions like Bajaj Finserv offer a high loan amount value of up to Rs. 3.5 Crore which you can utilise for construction purpose in the Lal Dora areas.

Additionally, Bajaj Finserv also brings pre-approved offers that can make availing loans faster and easier. These pre-approved offers are available in several financial products, including both secured and unsecured credits like home loans, personal loans, business loans, etc. You can check your pre-approved offer by providing your name and phone number.

Risks of Investing in a Property under Lal Dora

Only a couple of factors that can be considered as risks while buying a Lal Dora land property. 

They are –

  • Since these properties are not numbered anywhere, and their dimensions do not have the approval of a qualified surveyor, it can be quite difficult for you to sell the property later on. Thus, it can be considered to be a risky investment.
  • One might face issues regarding necessary infrastructure, like utilities, water, electric etc. Lal Dora areas are still in a development phase, which shows why some areas are not fully equipped with proper infrastructure.

However, the advantages of investing in a property under Lal Dora area outnumber the risks. Thus, you can use a loan against property to construct property in Lal Dora villages without any reservations.

Advantages of Investing in a Property under Lal Dora

If you invest in the construction of property in any of the Lal Dora villages, you can avail the following benefits-

  • There is no need for registration for purchasing property in this region. You only need to obtain a Lal Dora certification from the Delhi district authorities and claim your ownership of the property.
  • The areas under Lal Dora do not fall under municipal jurisdictions. That is why the construction of property becomes much easier without lengthy paperwork of the Delhi municipality.
  • The property prices are much lower than the prices in other regions in Delhi. You can avail of the properties in these regions at significantly subsidized prices.
  • Some of the Lal Dora villages are located in close proximity of the commercial centers around Delhi. Thus, the connectivity of the regions is another important factor that contributes to the advantage of Lal Dora property.

Thus, the advantages of investing in properties under the Lal Dora region outnumber the risks by a significant margin. 

Therefore, if you are thinking of constructing a property in any of the Lal Dora localities by availing a mortgage loan, you can do so with minimal documentation and eligibility criteria. Check how to apply for a loan against property and follow the process carefully to avoid any hassles during application.

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