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Do This To Keep Yourself Fit At Any Age

Health is something that you can’t buy with money. You need to invest your zeal and body to enjoy eternal youthness throughout your life. Yes, it is possible. Google it and you will find plenty of such people that are fit as horses at the age of fifty, sixty, and even seventy.  But what’s that keeping those persons in shape? 

Staying fit is a matter of attitude. In a society that constantly values ​​the quest for performance and eternal youth, some find it difficult to see the effects of time on their bodies. The changing silhouette, the wrinkles that appear, the hair that discolors, etc. In addition to these physical signs that you are gaining in age and wisdom, you may notice changes on many other levels: loss of energy or endurance, impaired sleep, the occurrence of health problems, etc.

Health is wealth, a very precious treasure that we often take for granted when we are young. As we age, we become more and more aware of its value and, sometimes, of its fragility. It is therefore important to redouble your ardor in order to preserve and conserve it.  Here is what you should do in this regard.

Choose To Age Well

Of course, aging is an unavoidable reality for everyone, but it is possible to age with a smile. Why not? Taking charge of your well-being and your health will help you get through the years with confidence and optimism. Certain unavoidable factors are beyond your control, for example, the aging process and menopause or andropause. On the other hand, you can adopt good habits and a healthy lifestyle that will help you live better and, perhaps, longer. To recalibrate the body and nourish the soul, go for energy healing practices. Like health and kinesiology are interconnected to each other. 

Eat Well 

After 60 years and especially 70 years, food plays an even more important role to ensure the proper functioning of the body despite the changes that take place: loss of muscle mass, overweight in the belly, progressive alteration of the five sense, and coordination of movements, weakening of the skeleton. 

To maintain good health and prevent certain discomforts such as slow transit, muscle weakness or osteoporosis or dehydration, it is essential to:

Eat at least five fruits and vegetables a day. Sources of vitamins and antioxidants, they are also rich in fiber and promote transit. This rule is well known to the general public but little followed in practice. Summer is just around the corner, with its sun-drenched fruits and vegetables: it’s the perfect time to change your habits!

Eat wholemeal bread or whole grain products once a day and pulses at least once a week.

Consume Dairy Products

There should be a particular interest among seniors in consuming more dairy products. Calcium is necessary at all ages, but as we age, it becomes crucial to prevent bone risks.  A good point to reduce the risk of osteoporosis. In addition, they are sources of animal protein and we know that seniors tend to neglect meat. 

Drink Without Waiting To Be Thirsty 

Drink without waiting to be thirsty, whether in the form of herbal teas, soups, flavored water … The whole thing is to consume the equivalent of 1.5 l per day. Escape the monotony on the plate, partly responsible for the loss of appetite: add color, spice up your dishes with aromatic herbs, spices. 

Once you cross 60, you should start to consume 1.10 g of protein per kilogram of weight per day. Include rich sources of protein in your diet like pulses, soybean, fish, eggs, and dairy products. But it all depends on the BMI too. Keep an eye on your weight. Any rapid weight loss or gain is not a good sign. You must consult a doctor in such situations. 

Daily Burn Your Calories

Daily physical activity, the equivalent of 30 minutes of brisk walking per day, helps to counteract the loss of muscle mass, strengthen bones, activate transit and simply feel good in your shoes”. No need to do sports properly speaking, the important thing is to “move”: climbing the stairs, shopping on foot, biking, gardening, walking your dog.

For those who wish to start a sport, it is necessary to speak about it before with his attending physician. After examination, he will be able to advise you on the sport most suited to your state of health: swimming, walking, cycling, gymnastics, etc.

Quit Smoking And Learn To Relax 

Cigarettes age faster and damage health in a thousand and one ways. No action will have a more positive impact on your health. Learn to relax. Now is the time to think about yourself and reduce your stress levels. Certain activities can help you relax, such as yoga and meditation.

Aging is an unavoidable reality, but not necessarily unpleasant. Put the odds on your side to live well, happy and healthy!

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