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Medical Wastes: Types and Methods of Disposal

Disposal of medical wastes is one of the major challenges faced by healthcare providers every day. Medical wastes include all types of waste that may contain materials capable of spreading infections. It includes wastes from different health offices, including hospitals, laboratories, veterinary clinics, and medical research facilities. Some of these are

  • Materials that have been contaminated by blood: This includes gowns, gauze, gloves, facemasks, scalpel, needles, swabs, glassware, and bandages.
  • Tissues: This includes any human and animal tissue that is used during medical procedures.
  • Specimens: This includes culture dishes of any infectious agents used in the laboratories.

Medical wastes can also be called biomedical waste, biohazards, clinical waste, healthcare waste, or infectious medical waste. Due to the dangers of inappropriate medical waste disposal, it is important that you hire medical waste disposal services St George. The use of professionals in the disposal of medical wastes ensures that the health risks associated with the process of disposal are well handled

Types of Medical Waste

Medical wastes can be placed in different categories. These include

  • Infectious waste: Infectious waste includes all materials which are infectious or can be a breeding place for infectious agents. They include laboratory cultures, gauze, swabs, tissues, and feces.
  • Pathological waste: This includes body fluids, tissue, and body parts.
  • Sharps: This category of medical waste contains anything capable of piercing the skin
  • Chemical waste: These are mostly found in laboratories and they include solvents, batteries, and heavy metals.
  • Pharmaceutical waste: This encompasses expired drugs, unused drugs, and contaminated vaccines.
  • Genotoxic waste: This category of wastes is extremely dangerous and so it must be handled with utmost care and only by professionals. It includes waste such as cytotoxic drugs which were to be used in the treatment of cancer. These wastes are teratogenic in nature.
  • General medical waste: Waste that falls under this category is non-hazardous in nature.

Methods of Medical Waste Disposal

Having known the different categories of medical waste and how important it is to be disposed of appropriately and by professionals, you must use medical waste disposal services St George. Here are some methods of medical waste disposal

  • Autoclave: This entails using stem sterilization to make wastes containing biohazards non-toxic. After autoclaving has been carried out, the non-toxic waste can then proceed to be incinerated or can be disposed of as landfills.
  • Microwaving:  you can also dispose of medical waste by microwaving them. This entails using a high-powered machine to make it less harmful. Just like autoclaving, non-toxic products are now suitable for incineration or landfill disposal.
  • Use of chemicals to render the waste non-toxic. This procedure is mostly carried out for wastes that are chemical.
  • Use of enzymes to neutralize the actions of microorganisms and other pathogens. This is a biological process of medical waste disposal 
  • Incineration: This is mostly used when disposing of body parts and other pathological waste.

When disposing of medical waste, it is important that they are categorized appropriately and the containers are properly prepared as well. It is very important that you hire medical waste disposal services St George to get rid of your medical waste appropriately.


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