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Most Valuable Smartphone

It was round two years back when Honor 7S was expected to launch in 2018 and people are extremely curious all over the world. Now when we look at a first glance, things are still quite attractive for low budget customers as it is a low-cost mobile in Egyptian smartphone markets. You can compare this mid-range model with any other phone and see a clear difference in the following features:

• This unique and special featured smartphone has a strong battery backup, great configuration, memory card slot, and comes with a Smart Face unlock feature.
• The phone owing to its inbuilt biometric unlock specification which is missing in many flagship models.

There are so many other features but the point is what makes Honor 7S to an ultimate budget phone to buy? The most important reason behind its popularity factor is its durable and sleek design with an automatic screen split. Can you imagine that the phone responds even to delicate taps and has a special loud mode for audio support? All of these attractive features are an extreme requirement of youngsters all over the world. Besides this, we can see that the manufacturers put some extra efforts to make it workable for eye protection mode, and phone clone.

Key Features of Android Smartphones:

Plastic Body

As we have said earlier that you get what you pay for and the same is the situation with Honor’s models. Look at this special model of Honor 7S, the design of the smartphone is totally different from what we have already seen with previous Honor smartphones. This is true that almost all the budget smartphones which are easily accessible for middle-range users are manufactured with a feature of the metal black body. While on the other hand, this is the only phone from the mid-range category which has opted to go with the plastic build.

Easy to Carry

Most of the users don’t have any idea about the feature – holding a phone and consider it as a less important thing. But this latest model is equipped with a sleek body and felt comfortable to hold and can easily be used with one hand.

Camera Functions

Look at the backside of the phone, this special model features a single camera sensor with an LED flash at the top-left corner. Are you looking for the logo? The honor logo exactly at the center of the back cover. While the volume rocker and power button of the phone sit on the right side of the phone, which makes it more user’s friendly. On the left side, this unique honor model just has the 3-in-1 SIM and memory card slot tray. You can use extra memory with an external card.

Headphone Jack

Most of the big-budget phone doesn’t have a headphone jack but Honor 7S has also included the good old 3.5mm headphone jack, placed at the top of the phone.


Considering the Honor 8C price in Egypt, this model has bundled in quite a lot and the build quality is reasonably satisfactory. At least we didn’t have too many complaints about the design of the smartphone.


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