Tuesday, January 25

Moving To A New Place? Here Are Some Tips For A Smoother Process

Every one of us has moved places at least once in our lifetime. So it is safe to say how unpredictable and messy these processes can get. Since the pandemic, over 26% of Americans have considered moving or have planned for one. As exciting as it might seem to get to a new place and start afresh, you equally have the responsibility to clear the clutter from the old home.

With moving, there is no one-size-fits-all solution and tricks. However, you can have some tips that can guide you in a more fluid transition. Creating and following a checklist is always a number one consideration. And the second one is to find the right movers and packers.

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Here are the pointers to help you through moving,

Pack in advance

It is highly unlikely for any of us to pack our bags and move at the drop of a hat. The decision making itself takes quite some time to finalize. And once decided, it takes a pretty long time to actually move. It means you have enough time to start packing.

When you know about the move well in advance (sometimes weeks or months), it is ideal to start packing accordingly to avoid any hassle at the last minute. Organize a checklist from least needed to the most, and then begin to pack accordingly. This way, you won’t miss out on any things.

Sell, Trash, Donate

While packing, we do happen to find a lot of things. Sometimes it is overwhelming to see how many items have been stored and just not used at all. Make three folders while packing. 

  • Things you can resell
  • Items that should go in the trash
  • Objects that can be donated

Arrange a garage sale and make some extra cash from your unnecessary items. By doing so, you’d be surprised to see how much less clutter you have and the essential items that you truly need. So go ahead and donate those clothes that you thought to wear after losing ‘a few pounds’!

Schedule appointments early

As you schedule the packing and moving, it is similarly vital to book appointments at your destination location. Like, get the owner to set up water, electricity and ventilation. You don’t want to reach there all tired and then try figuring out the set-up.

Also, pack necessary items in bulk and in advance such as toilet papers, scissors to help you unpack and food items etc. Store the essential items with you while travelling, like, jewellery, cash, important documents and medications. Booking early will lessen the burden and reduce the packing related anxiety. 


When organised properly, moving also sounds fun apart from the tiresome experience. You get to make new memories while reminiscing about the old!

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