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Things to do on New Year 2020 in Morocco

Morocco is an ideal holiday destination for your round the year plans. This new year it has something very special for you to entertain your Christmas and New year holidays in Morocco. Morocco in winter worth a visit as it does in Summer or Spring.

Travelers have some dreams about the place they never visited before so I did also have. I dreamt of spending my golden time in the desert, Have a pleasing Sleep with Spa in the heavenly beaches somewhere in the world and strolling into the mainland area’s markets and streets.

All of these dreams came true when I visited Africa, specifically Egypt and Morocco.

What I will recommend to you for this new year is to visit Morocco and make your trip worthwhile. You will be succeeded to make your memorable moments in a prestigious holiday destination like this. What activities for you are waiting for there would be my subject of today’s blog. Excited? Yeah, me too.

Best New year things to do in Morocco this time:

Hey Buddies, you intended to for a miraculous place on earth. Now get set to have the perfect experiences there. Ready? Here we go.

Ultimate New year Night in Marrakech:

Marrakech is a world’s known cultural capital of Morocco and travelers who visit Morocco never Miss Marrakech to be visited. In this New year, Marrakech is ready to host a big number of travelers and entertain them on the eve of the new year with the perfect traditional and modern feasts on the rooftops and along with the pubs who will never let you sleep this very memorable night.

On waking up in the morning, you would have another surprise to have breakfast in the air of Marrakech. Curious to know? Yes, a ride on the hot air balloon. Here is an activity you could have already booked in advance by collaboration with your travel company. Looking over the new year’s sun, taking the warm waves of it and having the fresh breakfast will impact your trip with the memorable new year memories. Never miss visiting famous Djema el Fna, it is one of the finest places to visit in the city. Also, stroll into the old Medina and see how it impact you.

Tangier will double your New year 2020 Fun:

Not on the New year eve, but Tangier would have the activities for you for other holidays.  For example, if you are heading to Tangier, you should know that is is a coastal line of Morocco. Tangier is a last town of Morocco from where, just behind the waters, there comes Spain.

If you aim to start your new year trip from Tangier, that’s your choice and it would get you the memorable moments in the town. Along with the Cafes, restaurants and the Pubs, in the day time, you should visit the Caves of Hercules to get the authentic rocky experiences.

Come out of the storybooks and show your kids the real cave where the Hercules stayed for nights.

Nearby is a Cape Spartal, a must-visit place for the travelers visiting the place on a new year. Dar el Makhzen and American Museum is also must-visit places. American Museum is an American center where you can also take the classes to know about the US influences and concerns in Morocco.

Basking on the beaches of Morocco including Tangier, Agadir and Essaouira would impact your holidays with the perfect memories. Ask for the Spa facility from your guide or the concerned helping hands.

Fez and Rabat are also the cities worth a visit to the new year. The cities have a lot of unique activities planned for you. So get time to visit the places and multiply your new year memories there.

New Year activities in the Sahara Desert:

Again coming to what I always dreamt for. It was spending a typical life in the Desert Sahara and experience the things. A day came into my life and I traveled to have the luxurious experiences in the desert. I was not expecting though because, in my mind, Sandy areas are like the less facilitated and hard to live.

What activities are waiting for you in the desert on this new year are diverse. Let’s start with the night time activities. Having dinner on the themed sets in the dark Desert. Bonfire in the desert is an ultimate activity this new year to sing and dance together with the Arabian, Berber and modern beats. These memories are the lifelong memories of life one should have at least once in life.

Daytime activities in Sahara include a ride on Camelback and the 4×4 cars which are known as desert cars.

Morocco this new year is ready to provide you ultimate lifelong experiences, are you ready to be on a receiving end?

And please, don’t forget to look at the weather conditions, pack your things accordingly. Have a great trip to Morocco.

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