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Nursery Furniture Trends 2019

This post is mainly focused on those parents who are expecting the delivery of their baby in this New Year. So, have you yet thought about the design and setting of the nursery room? If not then do check out the trends we would be sharing here. A couple of months’ ago one of our readers approached us to know about the current nursery trends for her baby. She stays in one of the luxury flats in Kolkata and was unable to decide on a theme for the nursery. We did discuss with her our ideas on the trends of 2019 which helped her prepare her daughter’s nursery room.

It is obvious that you would find out the best design for your baby when it comes to the decoration of the nursery. There will be several ideas shared on the internet where you will find information on nursery furniture set and accessories. However, here we shall discuss the same for your ready reference. Keeping things simple is one of the most important nursery trends you should focus. For example, use pops of colours to keep your child engaged and happy. Choose the colours based on toys, wall art and other items so that it would be affordable to switch because your child would not like to stick to the same old thing for a long time. Other trends include metallic, nature and so on.

Make it a Natural Nesting Place

Today’s trend is not just about decorating a nursery but decorating it with organic and natural feel. Nowadays, the focus is on creating a natural setting with green walls, wall art, soft rug and other items. Make it a house full of greens. Also, try and look for the live greenery. It is said that houseplants rather indoor plants are a great way to add a refreshing feel to the entire nursery. Now, if we see on the subtler side, you will find that natural textures working amazingly well. Soft cotton linens, leather accessories, jute rugs and canvas wall art are some of the natural textures that are creating charming home decor.

Do not forget the large florals, which is another nursery inspired trend. Whether you use wall art, wallpaper or wall decals, large florals will be the best as they add a fresh and soft touch to the entire space.

Use Themes Based on the Places You Travel

This year also, the destination theme is continuing to be one of the most fashionable trends for nursery decor. When using themes is a trend then why not use themes based on the destinations already traveled or planning to travel. Of course, there is no such virtual limit when it comes to choosing themes, right from a woodsy theme to deep-sea focus.

Use Metallics

Usually, the focus is on natural colours and neutrals. However, there is always a scope for a little glam. So, add some sparkle to your kid’s room with your favourite metallic shades. Try to choose nursery decor pieces that offer a retro feel to the nursery. You can even choose from gold or silver accessories in order to go with the metallic decor of the nursery.

Last but not the least, make sure the total ambiance of the nursery come with juvenile designs so that your bundle of joy stays happy and gets the ultimate comfort.


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