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The real estate sector 2020, ways it will shape and what home buyer can expect

The real estate sector in 2020 has many things to offer its customers this year. It is believed to be more promising and satisfying for all the potential buyers in the market. The strategy of growth is considered as one phenomenon which will drive people to buy new homes.

The year 2020 has already been affected by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. But despite such circumstances, we assume a positive transformation in the industry. We can say so because the real estate sector has a strong base. This base has been built up by promising projects in past decades. Companies have been consistent in satisfying their customers which have shaped a strong industry. No other force can stop the real estate to grow and expand this year.

We expect the government to introduce more liberal policies and structural reforms in 2020. This will promote transparency and accountability in the sector. Affordable housing for the entire individual should be our target. Keeping this in mind we have listed certain trends and ways how the real estate sector will shape and what buyers can expect-

a) Growth of the commercial and residential sector

There is plenty of potential available in the market regarding commercial projects in 2020. The demand for office space is deemed to increase with more business opportunities expected to grow in India. Not only is this but it also expected that the warehousing sector will see a booming rise in the demand. 

Therefore, all the buyers who are willing to invest in the real estate market must analyze all the positive trends. Residential projects like M3M Golf Estate Gurgaon are our top priority for our readers.

b) Urban cities to raise demand

It is expected that in 2020 urbanization will take place at a faster pace. The migration will be one factor that will raise the demand for affordable real estate projects. Buyers must research about the project and invest wisely in these real estate properties. One must invest in those builders which are reputed and have made goodwill in the past through their work. Cities like Pune, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Bangalore are expected to see an increase in demand for residential property.

c) Reshaping co-living and co-working spaces 

Real Estate industry has seen a significant change in the behaviour of customers in the last decades. We are talking about the millennials who prefer co-living spaces as they are better compared to rented houses. On the other hand, when we talk about co-working spaces, the gig economy has created a buzz. This trend is expected to increase the demand for real estate properties in major cities like Gurgaon, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, etc.

 d) Technology-driven projects

In the year 2020, we expect real estate companies to deliver their customer technology-driven projects. Innovative and smart tech solutions are no more a dream. Builders can collaborate with the latest technologies to construct to shape the real estate sector. With the help of technology, projects will be delivered in less duration of time. 

With data gathering and artificial intelligence, the target customer can be allured to buy the projects. M3M group has already utilized these tech-driven facilities. As they have made a project as per customer requirements in less time. Projects like M3M Merlin Gurgaon are tech-driven projects with all facilities.

e) 2020 to witness luxury at an affordable rate

the refinement of luxury is something which the future holds. With reforms and changes in the real estate industry house will be made available at more affordable rates. Luxury will be provided at a reasonable rate in all the housing projects.


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