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Reasons Why You Should Get Yourself a Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are the ultimate fashion statement piece to own and everyone should have one in their closets. Furthermore, there are a lot of options to choose from and a variety of styles. Here’s why you should get yourself a leather jacket as soon as possible:

  • They never run out of style and have been around for decades. If anything, they’ve only grown in popularity and become a world-wide symbol for rebellion today.
  • They’re extremely versatile and can go along with many kinds of outfits. All in all, they’re a fashion staple in many ways.
  • There’s a ton of options to choose from and you never run out of new styles to try. You can opt for the bomber jacket, the biker jacket, the classic black jacket and so much more.
  • They’re long lasting and durable which means that they’ll definitely be your companion for life. Granted that, you invest in a good one.  
  • They instantly add a spark to your day-to-day life by glamorizing your wardrobe. With a leather jacket on your shoulders, you’re always going to be smiling.

That being said, it’s important to know about the various kinds of leather used to make Mens Leather Jackets and how to take care of them. 

Different types of leather 

When you buy leather clothing, it is very important to know which leather it is. Because the material you wear decides how you wear it. Some jackets are design to keep you warm, others complement a summer look. You can also look in advance for the types of leather, depending on whether you need a light or a warmer model.

The leather jacket is not really part of the men’s basics. However, it can become a very personal piece that will follow you for years, provided of course you choose it well. It has definitely become a fashion statement through the decades and serves as a fashion symbol for every man and woman. One thing is clear: it’s an investment. You can’t cheat on a leather jacket. This means that if you want to acquire one, you must plan the necessary budget.

Leather clothing made of cowhide leather

Cowhide leather is usually used. Usually used for strong leather clothing. Cowhide leathers are heavier and thicker, but also more robust. Typical are motorcycle suits and other protective clothing or buffalo leather pants. But there are also thin cowhide leathers for casual jackets.

Leather clothing made of lambskin

Lamb leathers are usually processed as smooth leather for lighter casual jackets, skirts, dresses, etc. Particularly expensiveness is often made of lamb leather. Lamb leather is produced in a variety of ways: It can only have been washed, tanned by mineral chrome tanning or the tanning was done with inwardly turned fur or with vegetable means (vegetarian tanning). Everything depends on the desired copy of the leather. The majority of the differences are in the different manufacturing or dying process.

Leather jackets made of goat leather

Goat leather are usually used as a goat suede, i.e., as suede for jackets, skirts or trousers. Often leather jackets made from goat leather are not expensive, but rather a good price-performance ratio. These leathers often found in winter time, especially in the autumn/winter collections.

Leather jackets made of pigskin

Pig leathers are used for inexpensive leather jackets. The most common are suede leather. But pig leathers are also increasingly offered as smooth leather. Pig leather is usually not as stable and soft as goat or lamb leather. Another argument that cannot be rejected is that this leather is cheap. The price-performance ratio is also very interesting. If you are looking for the unique look of pig leather, you can play it safe with the Oakwood brand, there are many very well-made ladies’ leathers jackets.

Other animal species

More rarely are leathers of deer or reindeer (conservative leisure jackets), horses (oiled, heavy jackets), kangaroos (motorcycle suits) or fur animals (fur coats, jackets).

In most cases, the fashion companies and clothing stores are not the manufacturers of leather jackets, and the manufacturers of the jackets have not tanned the leather either. This is what tanneries do, who sell the leather to the manufacturers of the jackets, who manufacture the jackets for the fashion companies. Manufacturers and tanneries are usually located abroad, where production is cheaper due to the high level of manual work.

Leather jackets and leather quality

As a leather expert, you are often asked which leather jacket has the best quality. But this question is not easy to answer. Depending on the reason for purchase, the attention can be paid to very different quality criteria. A motorcycle station wagon should be comfortable, protect against the weather and protect against injuries, especially in the event of an accident. A stretch leather pants should first look sexy. Bavarian lederhosen are subject to different expectations than buttery soft lambskin jackets from the luxury brands in the highest price ranges.

However, there are quality features that apply to almost all leathers in the clothing sector. The leather should not tear too easily, it should not smell bad, it should not tear off, it should not have too strong natural characteristics and should be free of toxic chemicals. In addition, there are many other possible leather defects.

On the one hand, you can inform yourself in advance. One can test the leather smell easily; the staining is tested with a slightly moistened rag in the concealed area. Skin damage can be seen. Toxic chemicals cannot be tested, but scandals are very rare in leather. We wear almost all leather shoes but there are almost no cases with problems due to the chemistry in the leather.

Therefore, the rule remains as with all purchases: Inquire sufficiently before making a purchase. Try on the clothes. Examine the purchased object closely. Read the information and care instructions carefully. Ask questions to the provider before and after the purchase if you are still missing information.

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