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If you’re an art fanatic, then art galleries in UAE will actually interest you. Such places bring to light the insights into the history of the place where you visit, as well as art tests your patience when you want to really understand the meaning of the artistic paintings. Many think that art galleries are only meant for “high-class” people, this is not so. For those, who are least interested in art can refresh their minds by visiting art galleries as there is friendly staff who can help you understand the art as well as get to know about the artist. If you’re in UAE, you definitely shouldn’t miss taking a tour of art galleries located throughout Dubai and Abu Dhabi. For people who have recently moved to the country, finding art galleries can be a daunting task. There’s one app that takes away all your worries. Simply log onto from your mobile to find art galleries near you! We have made a list of famous art galleries that you would like to visit..

Salwa Zeidan Gallery:

The art gallery is known for featuring artworks from famous and emerging artists. Be]fore exhibiting any artwork at the gallery, it goes through a complete inspection phase conducted by Salwa Zeidan, an experienced painter, sculptor and curator. The spacious gallery displays some of the most sought after artworks from famous artists and contemporary artworks by emerging painters.

Gallery One:

You will find great artworks done by Picasso, Cezanne, Pollock and Mondrian. Gallery One is a famous contemporary art gallery in Abu Dhabi. Art enthusiasts should visit this place which boasts fine art collections including canvas editions, ready-hand paper versions, and classic photography pieces. This is the perfect place to purchase authentic art that will enhance your home and office. In fact, artworks can also be purchased online.

Alserkal Avenue:

Housing more than twenty dynamic art spaces, Alserkal Avenue brings art collections from various disciplines. Most of the art spaces in Alserkal have a friendly staff that guide you through the artworks. This is the foremost place for tourists having a liking for art. It’s a hub for contemporary artists and has hosted many exhibitions since its establishment in 2008.

Abu Dhabi Art Hub:

This art museum is especially run by the artists themselves. Abu Dhabi Art Hub. The art gallery holds a number of workshops, exhibitions, even showcases country specific artworks and artists’ residency programs targeted for young aspiring artists and tourists.

Xva Gallery:

Housed inside a stylish boutique hotel, XVA Gallery showcases some of the finest artworks by established and contemporary artists. You will also get a chance to explore works of Halim Al Karim. The art works by the resident artist give you insight into Middle East art culture.

To find more such locations to explore art, simply search on the only place for all your local needs. Download the easy-to-use, friendly mobile application on your iOS or Android device and start searching for your next exotic destination in UAE.

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