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Top 6 Security Tips To Prevent Your Web Application From Hackers

In modern times, it is mandatory for every business to have an exclusive web application. You can hire a proficient website development company who can help you in building a unique web app for your business. But security is one of the most crucial aspects of your web application. In order to help you with this, let’s take a look at the top six tips that will help your web app from hackers.

All websites are at a risk of getting compromised and hacked for malicious purposes. Hackers can easily misuse your users’ confidential data and hack into the database of your website so that to destroy or manipulate the significant information and injecting harmful links or hijacking the hosting server. In order to build a secure web app, it is important for you to partner with a renowned website development company. But for your help, let’s explore the top six tips that will help you to optimize your website security and avoid hacking disasters.

  1. Keep Making Regular Software Updates Time & Again: In order to keep your web app safe and secure, it is essential for you to make regular software updates. Every piece of software you run should be up to date so that it is less vulnerable to attacks. In case you detect any vulnerability, contact your hosting provider to make necessary measures for preventing your web app from being compromised. In case you are using third party software on your site, such as CMS, then you should make sure that you apply any security patches quickly so that to keep it secure.
  2. Be Aware Of SQL Injection Attacks: You should build your web app SQL injection proof. SQL injection attacks happen when hackers use a text field or a URL parameter in order to gain an unauthorized access to manipulate or destroy your database. In case you are using a standard SQL then there are higher chances of inserting malicious code into your query which can be used to change tables, get information and delete data. This problem can be solved by using parameterised queries that are easy to implement.
  3. Switch To HTTPS: HTTPS is a secure communications protocol that is used for transferring sensitive information between a website and a web server. Switching to this protocol means an encryption layer of TLS (Transport Layer Security) or SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to your HTTP in order to make your users’ and your own data extra secure from malicious hacking attempts. HTTPS ensures that users are interacting with the server as expected and that there is no attempt to manipulate the content they are seeing in the transmission process. In case your web app deals with users’ financial credentials such as credit or debit card details then it is highly recommended for you to use only HTTPS to deliver it.
  4. Use Strong Passwords & Keep Updating Them Regularly: By using strong passwords, you can limit security breaches and attacks to a great extent. Make your database, admin, and server passwords as strong as you can by ensuring that these passwords are a combination of alphanumeric characters, upper and lower case characters, symbols, and at least 12 characters long so that to avoid brute force attacks. Do not use the same passwords for different website logins and change them regularly in order to ensure security. You should store your users’ passwords in encrypted form so that in case of a security breach attackers can’t get the access to the actual passwords.
  5. Make Admin Directories Difficult To Spot: Mostly hackers get an unauthorized access to your data by going straight to the source and hacking your admin directories. Hackers can use scripts to scan all your directories on your web server and enter the folders to breach your website’s security. You should use Content Management Systems (CMSs) to rename your admin folders to some random names of your own choice. Renaming the folders can greatly reduce the potential security breaches.
  6. Ensure Validation On Both Sides  i.e on Browser and Server Side: Validation should always be done on both the sides, i.e. on the web browser and the server side. Simple failures can be easily caught by the browser such as empty mandatory fields or when a user enters an alphabet in a number only field. These small failures can be easily bypassed and used by the hackers in order to misuse your website. Therefore, you should check for these validations deeper on the server side. If you fail to do this, then there are high chances of malicious or scripting code being inserted into your website’s database or could lead to undesirable results in your web application.

Hacking attacks can result in millions of dollars of losses for businesses and organizations. Follow the above-mentioned practices to keep your web app safe and secure. In case you need to know more about making your website secure, get in touch with an experienced website development company having a successful track record of building hack-proof web applications.


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