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Best Way To Take A Selfie From Cellphone

Selfies are now a part of our life. People are taking selfies every moment. Selfies help to preserve the moment within a single second. The main purpose of a selfie is to capture the mood or the expression of someone. It is very easy to click a selfie. For a good selfie you just need to know the correct techniques to click a selfie. There is a long list of this selfie technique. One can choose any of the techniques to get a perfect selfie.  One can take a selfie with the help of selfie stick or simply with their hands. There are many selfie apps in the android play store. You just need to install it from play store and then open the app to take a selfie. You can also edit your pictures with the help of these apps.

Some Ways To Take A Best Selfie

To get a good selfie of yourself, it is very important to know the right selfie technique. After knowing all the techniques it would be very easy to click some good pictures of yourself. Selfies mainly capture the expressions of our face and frame them in a picture. There are too many selfie techniques. Some of the best selfie techniques are here in brief.

1. Self-Timer:

By using the self-timer of the camera without depending on the arm’s length, you can have a good selfie of yourself. In this way our face will be more relaxed and calm. It can also help to get a wider range of view in the pictures.

2. EDIT:

To get a good picture you can also install some apps to click a selfie of you. Using the filter options in the app you can take a good selfie. It is also very essential to choose the correct filter mode to look natural in the picture. If you a wrong editing filter for your pictures, the picture won’t reflect the natural look of you.

3. Lighting:

In the presence of proper light, one can have a good selfie. Light helps to get a prefect selfie. In the light the picture will be more neat and clean. But if you take the selfie in the dark then the pictures will be not clear as compare to other selfie pictures. So in the light it is easy to have a perfect selfie.

4. Scenery:

A good background is very important for selfie, a good background make the picture more attractive. If you want to take a picture of yourself in the room or to a place where there is an object which distract the selfie, it is the best way to use scenery as background in the selfie to look perfect in the pictures.

5. Give A Natural Expression:

Whenever you want to take a selfie try to give a natural expression it will help to get a good picture.  Expression is everything in a picture it will tell whether you are serious or free in the picture, so the best thing is to impose the natural expressions to get a perfect selfie.

6. Look At The Camera:

To have a perfect selfie you should always try to look straight to the camera of your phone. It will give you a perfect selfie.  For more better result you can look left or right side of your and click the selfie.  You can also give a smile to look more genuine and flaunt a happy face in the selfie.

7. Avoid The Dark:

If you want to click your pictures in the darkness then your pictures will be not clear. The selfies will be not perfect. So it is the best option to click a selfie in the sunlight. The pictures will be more beautiful and attractive.

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