Tuesday, January 25

Shopping The Secret To Getting The Perfect Texture on a Cake

A cake is considered to be good not only if it tastes good but also when it looks good, smells good and has a good texture. The secret to getting a good cake with the perfect texture is first the correct and proper ingredients that are of good quality and within the expiry date range and then the process of baking the actual cake mix or cake batter and then actually baking it properly in a good oven.

To get a moist, soft and airy cake you need to incorporate enough room temperature eggs, butter, and vegetable oil in adequate quantities, baking powder and soda and ensure that you mix them all together well using a proper beater or a whisk but do be careful not to overbeat the cake mixture. If you overbeat the mixture and either incorporate too little air in the mixture or too much, the texture of the cake will become dense and fudge like. If you do not pay attention to the consistency of the cake batter, the cake will take either too long to cook, cook very slowly, or get under baked or over baked. The consistent texture of the cake mixture and batter leads to the baking of the cake properly.

Also, ensure that you know your way around the oven, and know the temperature controls and how to bake a good cake in that particular oven. You also need to keep an eye on so that your cake does not get over baked. Also before you take your cake out of the oven, ensure that you check to see whether it has been baked properly or not. Stick a toothpick or a small knife in the middle, if it comes back up absolutely clean, that means your cake is cooked and baked to perfection. In case the knife or the toothpick comes up with cake batter on it, leave it for a few more minutes.

Oiling or greasing your cake tin is another crucial step that you should not forget about. In case you do so, your cake will not come out of the tin easily and will break or crumble when you try to take it out of the tin. You need to keep in mind to pre-heat the oven so that when you put in the cake mixture, it starts to get baked immediately. When you find Valentine day cakes, you will notice that the cake holds it shape and structure and does not crumble down even if the cake that you have ordered is a cake with several layers.

A layered cake needs extra care and precaution since even if one layer is unstable and cooked and baked inconsistently it will come tumbling down and become a mess. When you put the cake batter in the oven, ensure that you have kept it in the centre so that the cake gets baked evenly and consistently and does not remain under baked from one particular side. The cake needs to get baked evenly from both the top as well as the bottom. When you visit a good and popular bakery or a good cake shop, you will notice that each and every cake irrespective of the number of layers is evenly baked, holds its shape and structure and does not crumble down.

Some common mistakes that can ruin the texture of the cake are:

  1. Either your cake is too dense and fudge like or it is liquid and a runny mess
  2. There could be holes and tunnels in your cake because you have not beaten the cake mixture properly.
  3. Your cake could be dry in case you have used less or bad quantity of butter, eggs, vegetable oil.

All the best when you bake a cake next! Or you can just leave it to cake to make your cake dreams come true.

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